Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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We are not critics. To us, the word critic has a negative connotation... implying that we should only be critical. Instead, we take the stance that we are reviewers... those who find the good and the bad in the horror movies, science fiction movies, horror fiction and science fiction that we review.

We arm you with information so that your movie watching and fiction reading experience can be more rewarding... and you can decide for yourself whether you should like what you are seeing/reading. Thanks to all of our loyal readers who have been with us for over a decade... and welcome to those new readers! We hope you enjoy our twisted sense of horror. We are buried.com... we are everything that is horror!

It takes alot of hard work to make this site what it is. Here are the main players in the day to day operations of our site.

The Cryptkeeper - Contact
Site Administrator, Designer, Programmer, Reviewer, Writer.
Buried.com's The Cryptkeeper Shat upon the world eons ago, "The Cryptkeeper" has spent an eternity building up the Buried.com Legacy. Be it through his razor sharp wit or his Nerf ball sharp intellect, "The Cryptkeeper" is here to bring great horror to the masses and to torture those who hack their way through the genre. Pain is what he brings...if not in his dungeon, he will do through his reviews. A terminal perfectionist, he is always tinkering with the site for improvements... and by most accounts, tinkering with himself in public. He truly is a force to be reckoned with... or at least a thing that won't seem to go away.

The Gravedigger - Contact
Connected Man, Review Writer, Interview Conductor, Film Expert.
Buried.com's The Gravedigger "The Gravedigger" spent his formative years raised by prehistoric wolves in a lost valley after his parents were consumed by cannibals while exploring the ruins of a lost city in the Amazon. Adopted by a traveling carnival of mutants he eventually ended up with a job stuffing small toys into cracker jack boxes (which is harder than it looks). It was at this point he arbitrarily decided to start scrawling down reviews of what he thinks of as reality movies. He has no idea why people call him "The Gravedigger" though he suspects it may have to do with his hobby of burying random people alive...

The Undertaker - Contact
Review Writer, Special Features, Film Expert.
Resident Horror Movie Expert, Review Writer, Interview Conductor and Coordinator, Plague Carrier and all around nuisance.
The Mortician - Contact
Review Writer, Special Features, Film Expert.
Buried.com's The Mortician "The Mortician" is the pseudonym for a former dishwasher, jogger, smoker, voyeur and Manager of Custodial Arts at a small Hotel that was blown up to make room for a superhighway connection in 1987. He figures that b-movies, horror novels and porno probably saved his sanity in 1985. (This is arguable.) He dabbles in videomaking, reading, movie watching and a host of other unsavory activities not suitable for print anywhere. He loves wild actresses, Mick-D's Fish Fillet sandwiches and kitty cats. He has never won awards worth bragging about for any of his creative efforts. Yet.
The Frightmaster
Recommendations, Official guide to Horror on the web.
Buried.com's The Frightmaster Up from the fiery depths of hell comes "The Frightmaster". After serving much of eternity as a lounge act in Hades, he now spends his free time hanging around the offices of Buried.com. Given his knowledge of everything that is horror, he is a perfect fit in our staff and is the quintessential sophisticorpse. Martini in hand, "The Frightmaster" has regaled us with more stories than we care to mention, or care to hear. When not annoying the dead, he is guiding the living through the labyrinth of horror online. Widely regarded as a pain in the ass, you gotta hand it to him... he knows his horror.
The Spastic Cannibal
Review writer and second newest member of the buried.com staff.
Buried.com's The Spastic Cannibal "The Spastic Cannibal" - an unfortunate by-product of incestuous, prom night, back-alley drunkeness - has carved out a perverse 'niche' as an underground horror enthusiast and review writer over the years. You may have spotted him in your bushes at 3 a.m. and in various police line-ups, just know not to corner "The Spastic Cannibal" or inquire about his headless doll collection and the leaking barrels in his garage because he may just come after you with a railroad spike... When not watching an endless slew of depraved films with his pants off, "The Spastic Cannibal" enjoys attending AA, inciting riots, practicing cannibalism, distributing bootleg snuff, sodomizing the dead in torrents of sewage and macrame...
Herr Doktor
Reviews, Blu-Rays and newest member of the buried.com staff.
Buried.com's Herr Doktor I am Herr Doktor: A writer with an facination of blood, torture, unspeakable monsters, and gardening. More importantly I am obsessed with horror film, especially re-mastered High Definition re-formatting. Nothing blows my mind like a 80's horror flick getting the four star treatment and looking new again. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing a studio do a halfassed job of restoration. Be sure to check out Herr Doktor on his facebook page!

Others Who Contribute To The Delinquency Of Our Readers

Ms. Vampy
Movie Bite Of The Month and being friggin' hot!

The Corpse Bride
Reviews, Articles, Abertoir Horror Film Festival Coordinator

The Insane Old One

The Cenobite

Michael Myers

Lianne Spiderbaby
Reviews, Articles

The Embalmer

Necrotizing Fascist

Professor Corpse Rot

La Belle Morte

The Demonlord

The Corpsegrinder

The Drug Stuffed Corpse (R.I.P.)
Reviews, Interviews

Send all questions concerning the website or problems encountered during your visit at buried.com to The Webmaster and he will get back with you as soon as possible, or when he feels like it...which is usually the case.

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