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Overall, seemed like a great show for all those in attendance. The 3rd horrorfind convention offered plenty of authors, booksellers, vendors, and guests for us fans to drool over. The hotel used for this event added more space, but was a maze for finding your damn room, especially after a few too many drinks. Can't have it all I guess. The notable guests I saw, i.e. the two with the biggest lines, were Alice Cooper and Traci Lords. That's cool and all, but Alice didn't sing and Traci didn't show those precious boobs or suck a dick, least not mine, so what was the point? Think I'm over the stand in line for a twenty buck autograph stage at this point.

» Friday August 22nd

As with last year, Horrorfind gives ya plenty to do, so you have to pick your spots. I was majorly disappointed in the outdoor movie set-up. No chairs to sit in, hard asphalt to sit on, what gives? I tried to watch a personal fave movie of mine Friday night when Silent Night, Deadly Night was to play. However, the showing bogged down with technical difficulties and ended up showing the film in b&w for some dumbass reason. Glad the Marriott had cable porn, but that was lackluster to these eyes also.

» Saturday August 23rd

Saturday proved the best day for me. I'm not saying that because a friend got me drunk on Vodka for free, but it was the most exciting day of this show. Caught a couple flicks in the movie room that were fun. Vampire Sisters offered big fake tits, lesbians, blood, and a 12 foot tongue. Should I go on? Ghost Watcher provided a bit more subtle chills and was an interesting view. Can't wait to see the end, check out ghostwatchermovie.com for some info on this one.

Went to a reading around 2:30, damn, felt like a kid having someone read to me, but, the shit was cool thanks to the authors. Jack Ketchum proved as colorful a public reader as he is an author. Ed Lee showed why his brand of terror works on more levels than most people can grasp. Wrath James White stole the show to me though, reading from one of his collaborations I believe called The Poisoning of Eros. When your opening page has the words donkey dick, great Dane, semen, and adult film star in it, you know your in for a treat. Guess that sounds pretty bad, but honestly, you had to be there. It was hilarious! Rest of the day was fun, if not a blur. Heard Lou Gentile's paranormal experience was truly creepy, maybe because it was all real.

» Sunday August 24th

Sunday, I mostly cruised the dealer room and said hello and goodbye to a few cool people. The horror host underground was in the house with A. Ghastlee Ghoul, Dr. Freak, Baron Von Wolfstein, Dr. Sarcofoguy, and Count Gore. Never a dull moment with this bunch, that's for sure. Most dealers had a love/hate weekend from what I was told. There were still plenty of movies, haunted house seminars, and readings to be had on the cons last day, the crowds were still hangin' when I left at 3. I'm sure a 4th crusade will take place in MD next year. It's worth a road trip if you've got the time and cash. Just don't eat at Ledo Pizza, worst pie I ever ate in my life, including pizza.

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