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The Undertaker's Horror Convention Wrap-Up

The fourth installment of Cinema Wasteland entertained us as much as the previous three. This year's main focus to me was a bit different as wedding bells were chiming for A.Ghastlee Ghoul and Suspira. The first ever horror host wedding was definitely a site to behold and be a part of; we'll get to that later.

The weekend also marked the 35 anniversary of Night of the Living Dead and you know Ken Kish wasn't gonna let that go unnoticed. Several stars from the classic were on hand, some with trowel in hand, to meet with fans and take your calls. Do you think the film was shown any?

Anyways here's what was up.

» Friday October 03, 2003

The 'Keeper and I met up after my daily swim and went to explorize the dealer/guest room. Wasn't much going on as far as films go, so it was a good time to get some stuff signed and talk to a few old friends. Always nice to talk to folks you see like once or twice a year. It's also nice to get people like Bob (Chainsaw Massacre) Burns,Kenny (I was a Teenage Werewolf) Miller, and Bill (Night of the Living Dead) Hinzman to sign tapes, even ancient betas. We spoke with all three and they were all cool, gracious, and happy to be there. Nice meeting y'all!

The N.O.T.L.D. reunion Q&A was next on our list. Attending cast members included Kyra Schon, John Russo, Bill Hinzman, Marilyn Eastman, Karl Hardman (no, he's not Dave Hardman's father), and John Streiner. All had some interesting stories to share and it need not be said that this was a special thing. It always amazes me how vividly people involved in a film remember the events occurring during filming.

After dinner, it was time to go hear Ghastlee get roasted before his wedding on Saturday. Where were the strippers? Well, none showed, but friends old and new gave poor Bob his come-uppins, but he was still standing when all was said and done. An amazing fact considering all the booze he's consumed that day. Most of that days batch donated by yours truly. This thing was fun!

Brains on Film presented Attack of the Beast Creatures next, an awe inspiring event for sure. Read our review of this crazy lost 80's rarity. No booze this year, but the Brains had enough in 'em all ready to make up for everyone else. This movie had us ( and everyone else) knee slapping.

The last thing we did (that I remember) Friday night was checking out I. Zombie, a documentary based on the life of Hayden Milligan, horror host I. Zombi and mastermind of Witching Hour video . I'll review this a little more in depth later, but let's just say it was something kinda special, since Hayden's a good dude and a buddy of Buried.com. Lucky to be alive, he's done more than most folks will ever think about accomplishing. After the video, it was time to hit the hay and jettison some PBR, thankfully, not in that order.

» Saturday October 04, 2003

We chilled most of Saturday, there was plenty of films playing like Equinox, Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, and War in Space, but sometimes you gotta pass on stuff you've seen before for different fare. We caught Bob Burns talking about his work on 'Saw and Confessions of a Serial Killer. He pretty much gave you the scoop on the ups and downs of set design and props. Interesting stuff, especially considering the movies he's been associated with. Good down to earth guy. Sadly, the'Keeper had to leave soon after.

From Parts Unknown gave a nice wrastlin' show this night. Showed some wild shit from Mexico and the States. I cut this short to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding of Ghastlee and Suspira was the main thing this weekend. Bob and Cathy are good people and we wish them all the happiness and luck in the world. The world's first horror host wedding was truly an event to behold. Never seen nothing like it here folks. Cool music, a very interesting crowd, and lots of good vibes were flowing during this time. Honestly, you had to be there to get it. Seeing all the wedding participants alone was worth a 3-day pass. Seeing all the hosts coming to honor the couple in all their hostly glory amazed me. Hell, we got free pizza after the ceremony (which was performed by a ghost), a spook show talk from Pro. Anton Griffin and Dr. Creep, and Bigfoot showed his ugly face on screen and for real. The bigfoot big-ass cookie eating contest got a little scary for those in the front row; a whole can of spam was consumed by that crazy Grimsberger, who then sprayed the crowd with half-eaten cookie crumbs. All in all, great night. Congratulations to the newlydeads. A wedding with two silly drive-in classics, and food; now that's my kind of wedding.

» Sunday October 03, 2003

Sunday was pretty much catch some movies day and say good bye before heading home. Saw two decent shorter films, Deep Dark Woods and MapleWoods, read the reviews on site now. Caught a silly favorite of mine called Blood Stalkers which was presented by star Kenny Miller. He's a fun guy and sold me some super secret Blood Stalker photos he had with him. Thanks mank! After some shopping and farewells, it was time to head home. I hate the drive, but it's always worth it! Thanks to Ken, Bob & Cathy, Hayden & Hazel, Jeff, that chick who never wore a bra, all the horror hosts, guests, and of course the Cryptkeeper for making our trip to O-hi-ho worth making.

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