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Battlestar Galactica: Echoes Of New Caprica (2009)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Battlestar Galactica: Echoes Of New Caprica (2009) authors & artists: Various

This softbound graphic novel from TokyoPop consists of three BSG stories, all done via Manga style. The first tale takes place during the Cylon occupation and is about former President of the Colonies, Laura Roslin, who is now a grade-school teacher. She suspects that there may be a spy in her classroom, reporting to the Cylons. The Cylons, especially Cavil, don't want her teaching about human history, since he views it as obsolete. Roslin doesn't listen to him. She also discovers that other, absent children have been selected for work camps. It seems that the children that are in her class have parents who are collaborators--and they're doing this to keep their children safe.

The second story, SHELF LIFE, is written by actor Richard Hatch and focuses on Zarek. This takes place right after the evacuation of New Caprica and is about how he puts together a clandestine execution squad to rid the fleet of the worst of the Cylon collaborators. Surprisingly, Zarek does this with the help of one-eyed Col. Tigh.

The third and last story, VISITATION, takes soon after the occupation as well and centers on Starbuck and her transition back to a Viper pilot, as she's spent the past two years down on the planet. She is reunited with the child she once thought was her own--and attempts to keep her because she believes the kid's mother is unfit. This is an interesting story as that particular story line on the series never had a satisfying conclusion.

ZOMBIE TALES 2061 (2009)

This one shot zombie comic from BOOM!, which puts out the regular ZOMBIE TALES series, takes place on the 25th Anniversary since the dead have taken over the planet.

We see human children sold as veal in supermarkets and force-fed like chickens on farms. When one zombie kid asks his mother if that hurts the humans, as she puts the boy into a boiling pot of water, she says "No, they can't feel it, they don't have well-developed nervous systems".

A human woman, disguised as a zombie, walks freely in their largest city and observes all this before she returns to her peoples' cave out in the country. She convinces them to revolt, which they do during these Coliseum type games where humans are forced to fight each other. I thought this story was interesting until the ending, which had me scratching my head since it comes totally out of the blue.

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