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Boys: Volume One, The (2008)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Boys: Volume One, The (2008) written by Garth Ennis

art: Darick Robertson

The story starts off with a guy named Hughie, who looks remarkably like Simon Pegg, walking with his girlfriend. They are holding hands until a body comes crashing through her, leaving him holding just her forearms. A superhero had been bashing a superhero and she was simply in the way. he's soon recruited by a guy named Butcher to join his organization, whose job it is is to keep superheroes "in line". Other members of the group are Mother's Milk, The Frenchman and The Female. Mother is more of the brains, the other two are the groups muscle. They are able to take on the superheroes because they inject themselves with the same serum that gives them their powers.

there's another story, about a young woman named Starlight who joins "The Seven", which is sort of the equivalent of the Justice League of America. She shows up at their headquarters and is told by Homelander (the Superman character) that she has to have sex with all of them or else she can't join.

On the group's first mission, against a group called TEENAGE KIX, Hughie ends up punching a fist through Blarney Cock, killing him. he's then not sure if he's cut out for this...

If you're easily offended then you definitely don't want to pick this up. However, it's hilarious, damn hilarious, and THE BOYS is the most fun I've had reading a graphic novel in a long while.

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