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Buck Rogers: A Life in the Future (1995)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Buck Rogers: A Life in the Future (1995) Author Martin Caidin takes the original BUCK ROGERS story (1933, which is also reprinted and contained within this book) and effectively updates it. BUCK ROGERS, after having a near-fatal crash while flying a stunt plane at an air-show, is put 'out of time' via a new type of laser technology (think of the STAR TREK transporter being put on hold after disintegrating someone's molecules) and is reawakened five-hundred years later, where the world is a very different place. What was once the United States is called Amerigo and is run by different factions. Asia, under the Mongols, have effectively taken over most of the world except for these parts of the United States, which is trying to make a comeback. There are familiar names such as Ardala, Black Barney, Dr. Huer and Wilma Deering, though some of the characters have been twisted around and used in an unexpected way. Wilma, a doctor & pilot, is an empath-and is assigned to Buck after he first comes out of surgery. Because every bone in his body has been broken, not to mention the loss of one eye, they have to put him back together again-even managing to clone him a new eyeball. There's a mention of him saying that he's being constructed like the 'Six-Million Dollar Man', which is funny because Martin Caiden is the guy who created that Steve Austin character in his novel, CYBORG.The novel is packed with everything from air-fights to discovering Atlantis and the two races which inhabit Mars, the Tiger Men and the Golden Ones (who turn out to be from the same alien stock as the Atlanteans). Battles also happen on Mars and Venus.If you're familiar at all with the BUCK ROGERS character you will enjoy this book-it wasn't what I expected.

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