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Impulse (2013)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Impulse (2013) This third Jumper book takes place seventeen years after the last (Reflex). Cent (short for Millicent, named after her mother) is a teenager who has lived in isolation because of her paranoid father, Davy. He's paranoid for a reason--a secret organization captured and tortured him to do their bidding before she was born. You see, her father and mother can teleport at well. When Cent's ability surfaces her father can no longer keep her safe and hidden--and reluctantly agrees to let her attend a normal high school in a normal American town. Although their main house is still in the wilds of the isolated Arctic they set up a false identity and purchase a house in the burbs. For all practical purposes it looks as if they are a normal family. But Cent gets some enemies, foremost among them a teenaged girl named "Caffeine". She bullies her fellow students into doing things they don't want to do. And if it wasn't for Cent's teleporting ability, she'd be injured by this psychotic girl.

For this most part this book reads as a "young adult" novel, since that's what the main character is. It's a decent enough sequel to the other two books and it's interesting to find out how these characters' lives have changed, but it's the least entertaining of the trilogy.

Author: Steven Gould

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