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Kazar The Savage: Issues 6-10 (1981)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Kazar The Savage: Issues 6-10 (1981) Shanna has weird dreams about it snowing in the Savage Land and awakens to throw a snowball at Kazar. But it's really a clump of dirt and he gets pissed. Then, she thinks a nearby river is rising and that they'll drown. Again, it's in her mind. What's going on? It turns out she's being influenced by a young man, Dherk, who says he's from Atlantis. But he's really asleep and she's basically seeing a holographic projection of him. But when Kazar gets stung by a scorpion and seems like he's dying, she realizes she wants to be with Kazar. She then has to drag his body on a travois to the edge of Pangea, where the Atlantean technology is hidden. It's there she can give him the antidote. Dherk does save him-and her-but at the cost of his own life. In the next issue (#7), Kazar is upset that Dherk kissed her but gets over it. He then starts having strange nightmares that involve his father, who had abandoned him long ago in this lost land. Then, when Kazar and Shanna continue to explore the Atlantean outpost, we find out that Dherk is still alive-or is he? It's here we also find out the true origin of Pangea-that it was a vast amusement park for the ancient civilization 12,000 ago, capitalizing on the Savage Land, which still had prehistoric life. In issue #9 Shanna releases a Griffin from captivity and they must stop it before it kills everything, from dinosaurs to Mammoths. They track it to where it's snatching the bird-like humans, the Aerians. Shanna, Kazar and Dherk manage to capture it in a huge net and send it to it's death in the mouth of a volcano. Then, in issue #10, they come to a cave that has "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here" carved above its entrance-and they realize Dante's entire story of the INFERNO was based on some truths. They explore and find themselves in the different levels of hell-and also come to the conclusion that this was a created amusement ride for the Atlanteans, a sort of haunted house. Now, it has real dangers. And this all leads to them encountering a very sinister villain who will affect them in the run of the series.

Although the dialogue and maturity of Shanna and Kazar makes them seem like teenagers, it is interesting seeing a different interpretation of both Kazar and Shanna than as depicted in the 70's, where everything was so serious. It's also cool that Jones/Anderson opened up the whole "Lost Land" scenario by created Pangea and the new animals he's never encountered before, like the mythological Griffin and the three headed dog, Cerberus.

Written By Bruce Jones

Art By Brent Anderson

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