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Lilith's Dream (2002)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Lilith's Dream (2002) Whitley Strieber's third 'HUNGER' book is a huge step up from part two, THE LAST VAMPIRE. In that novel he explains that the vampires are really aliens-and that just didn't go over very well with a lot of people, including myself. I know he has aliens on the brain but come on! In LILITH'S DREAM he somewhat corrects this mistake.LILITH'S DREAM is about the mother of all the vampires and how she ventures out from her hidden caves in Egypt for the first time in two hundred years. She finds the world a very different place and that her kind has all but disappeared off the face of the Earth. She's hunted in Egypt by the government vampire hunters and stows away on a ship bound for New York City. Once there she finds one of Miriam's 'Blooded', a human woman named Leo who is infused with the blood of a vampire. Now, eighteen years after the events of THE LAST VAMPIRE, she is a famous singer, though she still looks twenty-years-old.There is also Ian Ward, who is the son of Miriam and Paul Ward, a vampire hunter who has some vampire blood in his lineage. Paul had killed Miriam and raised Ian as a normal human, though he has the same intelligence of the vampires.
He worries that if his son tastes blood that he'll transform into one of the Keepers, the full-blooded vampires.Well, Ian is obsessed with rock singer Leo-and eventually meets up with her and Lilith at a private rock concert. There, they give an orgiastic performance that stuns the crowd, not to mention his father and adoptive mother. They kidnap him and take him to Egypt. Lilith wants to transform him into a full Keeper while Leo, knowing that she's really lived a cursed life, tries to keep him human.Everything eventually comes to a climatic end in the labyrinth like tunnels beneath the Nile. It's explained that Lilith does come from another world, of sorts, and that her kind is responsible for humanity being how it is. And this ties in with the whole biblical tale of genesis. It works.The books ends in such a way that there could be a sequel-and that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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