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Pete Von Sholly's Morbid (2003)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Pete Von Sholly's Morbid (2003) One of the things I like about Von Sholly's work is that he has a good sense of humor about the subject matter. This is similar to the collection of shorts he put together with SERGEANTSTEIN & HIS MARAUDIN' MONSTERS (2005). However, rather than drawn artwork, these tales are combined with still photographs. It makes you feel as it you're watching a movie.

The first tale is REPTITAN! THE PROBLEM FROM THE PAST, about a Godzilla-like creature whose egg is dredged up by a Russian ship. It hatches, bites the head off a guy, and then jumps into the ocean where it rapidly grows. The hero, Captain Hauser, is called in to stop it. Then, there's a Matrix spoof, KUNG FI,and another giant tale, THE ASTOUNDING SHEHEMOTH, which I thought was the most entertaining story of the lot. There's also an alien story and DOCTOR TRICLOPS, which is a spoof of the Bert I. Gordon movies. The funniest thing is a two pager introducing "Yuggoth Comics", with such tales as C'Thurok: Son of Shoggoth, C'Thor and Uncle C'Thooge.There's another Lovecraft inspired story, which supplies the cover's amphibious monster, and the book ends with SCORPAMANTULA, which ties in with the characters from the REPTITAN! story.

Humor and horror has it's time and place and it's definitely collected here in MORBID--so make time to check this out. After all, cover blurbs by Sam Raimi and Frank Darabont can't be wrong.

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