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Polarity: Volume 1 (2014)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Polarity: Volume 1 (2014) Begins with a man, who says there's nothing more alienating than discovering you are out of your mind. Then, he goes out of his building in the city and sits in the middle of the road and gets hit by a car. Two years later, he now knows he's bipolar--and is at an art gallery, trying to fit in with a bunch of hipsters. His friend Adam is there, razzing him that his "girlfriend" is just interested in his weird art while the woman he's really in love with is there, too--and he hasn't even spoken to her. He goes back to his apartment with his girlfriend and she tells him she's breaking up--that both he and his art suck since he's been taking his bipolar meds. She prefers him crazy. So he takes off and goes to a bar, sipping a coke because he can't drink--and runs into Lily, the woman he's in love with. She seems interested in and tells him to meet him back in the same bar on Thursday. He wants to feel inspired and creative--so he orders a whiskey. And then goes off his pills and gets little sleep. Crazy time. Adam drops by to check on him because he hasn't heard from him in weeks--and sees that he's off his meds. He leaves. Then, he thinks people are watching him. He goes to the next building and confronts the watcher--and bashes his head in, explosively. This seems VERY real. So he goes to his doctor--who tells him that there are indeed people watching over him--that he has a special form of bipolar disorder that gives him superhuman abilities. The more manic and crazy he gets, the stronger the abilities. The doctor works for an organization that wants to help him develop his powers. This freaks him out but he goes along with it. The pills the doctor gives him are designed specifically for his condition--so he won't get too crazy.

That night he goes to a party with his girlfriend and can read everyones' minds, including hers. She'd been screwing someone else. One the walk home he gets attacked by a gang--and kicks their asses. Then he paints another painting, which he likes--and his agent likes as well. He has his mojo. He decides to start work-- and goes to his high school, where he rescues a nerd from some bullies. He gets a call from his doctor, saying it's vital people can't know about his powers. But Timothy goes off to do more superheroing. On Thursday he meets the girl, Lily, who he's had a crush on since college and it goes great. Later, he goes to a concert and interrupts it, bringing the audience attention to the fact that the lead singer is a hypocrite and buys blood diamonds from Africa--and everything from her persona to accent is fake. She admits this on state in front of a horrified audience. Then he stops a drug dealer selling drugs to some losers. Basically, he's on a one-man war with everything that bugs him personally.

However, his doctor insists that he stop being a superhero, that he's not cut out for it.

Meanwhile, he goes on a date and introduces Lily to his best friend Adam. This is when a weird creature--a head with limbs and fangs--crawls up the bench and bites out Adam's neck. This freaks the couple out--and they run. Then things get really interesting when Timothy finds out he has an arch-villain very close to home, which completely changes everything. In fact, there may be more super-powered people like him...

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