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Rip In Time (1990)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Rip In Time (1990) by Bruce Jones & Richard Corben

This trade paperback collects the 1987-88 black and white comic book series. It begins at a secret government facility which is testing a device which will create a gateway in time. The project is looked over by Colonel Nelson, a female soldier who gets a lot of crap from her male coworkers. While this is happening cop Rip Scully and his rich girlfriend Maggie drop by a liquor store to pick up some wine. Unfortunately there's a robbery going on by Sid and Darlene. Sid takes Maggie hostage and drive's off in her convertible. Rip's handcuffs Darlene and pursues them in their getaway car. But Sid ends up driving his car right through the time-portal and is transported back to the age of dinosaurs. Rip and Darlene follow. They encounter all the stereotypical creatures you'd expect--the pterodactyl, a herd of Triceratops and the big old T-Rex. Maggie and Sid don't get along, of course, but Rip begins to develop feelings for Darlene, who is more his type than Darlene is. But Rip feels it's his duty to rescue his rich girlfriend. To compound it all, Colonel Nelson sends a mercenary/assassin back in time as well to "tie up loose ends". So the four of them not only have to contend with being potential meals for dinos, they have a crazed, intelligent killer after them.

The story is a bit convoluted and the dialogue stilted, definitely not one of Bruce Jone's better endeavors, but Corben's artwork is great. Granted, the book is in black and white but it makes some of the panels look just like old photographs. Highly recommended if you are a Corben fan, no so recommended as a solid time-travel story.

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