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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Star Trek: Engines of Destiny (2005)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Star Trek: Engines of Destiny (2005) This novel takes place six months after Scotty is rescued by the Enterprise D, some 60 years after Captain Kirk's death. It's told how he had met Guinan all those years ago, after she was 'rescued' from the Nexus, and that her influence was ultimately responsible for him now being in this future time.Once Scotty comes across an old Klingon ship he gets the idea in his mind to travel back in time (as in THE VOYAGE HOME) to just before Kirk's supposed death---and rescue him and take him back to the future. But this time-travelling and saving Kirk radically affects both the past and future time-lines, so that both Scotty, Kirk and the Enterprise D end up in what should be Kirk's time period-but in which there's no Federation because Earth was taken over by the Borg before they had warp drive (to understand the logic of this you have to be somewhat familiar with the STAR TREK universe, particularly the movie GENERATIONS and FIRST CONTACT). Sarek, who has no son named Spock, leads an alliance against the drones but it's a losing battle.The Borg Queen, though, somehow knows about the shift in the time-line and so tries to prevent the humans from changing it back to how it was.I tend to like the time-travel Star Trek stories the best, so I enjoyed this novel-and it's always interesting to have the mix of different Trek characters. Also, there's more continuity between the books the past decade, so it doesn't contradict anything that deals with Scotty in the other recent novels. Recommended if you like Star Trek and/or time-travel novels.

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