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Star Trek TNG: A TIME TO BE BORN (2004)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Star Trek TNG: A TIME TO BE BORN (2004) This is the first book in the new series, which bridges the gap between the movies INSURRECTION and NEMESIS. The Enterprise is sent to patrol a graveyard of ships left over from the Cardassian war while another Federation ship continues its efforts to recover the crew's bodies, to return to their families. But they must deal with salvagers and strange spacial anomalies such as anti-matter meteors.At one point Data is separated from the crew and is floating by himself in space. Here he discovers that something is mimicking spaceships. Later, after he's rescued and aboard the enterprise, they encounter an alien craft. But these aliens, with kind of resemble ground sloths, are recent members of the Federation. Data warns picard that this ship is really an imposter and that it'll fire on the Enterprise. So, believing Data, Picard fires first on this ship and destroys it.To the other Federation ship it looks like Picard cold-bloodedly murdered the aliens-and he's ordered to return to starbase to face a trial, which will be continued in the next book, A TIME TO DIE.

We also find out what happened to Wesley Crusher during the past seven years. He has become a Traveler, one of those beings able to transport themselves at will throughout space. And during his training he's never been allowed to contact any of his old friends, not even his mother. But he's seen a glimpse of the future, a future in which the Enterprise explodes-and he finally returns, offering his help. The thing is, if he helps or interferes he would lose his powers as a Traveler.Author John Vornholt is up there with Peter David and Michael Jan Friedman as one of the top Star Trek authors.

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