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Star Trek Voyager: Full Circle (2009)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Star Trek Voyager: Full Circle (2009) author: Kirstin Beyer

Of all the various STAR TREK franchises in book form, I think the worst things happen to the VOYAGER crew. FULL CIRCLE takes place during several years, filling in the blanks that were touched on by some of the other Star Trek books. Chakotay and Janeway finally hook up but it's short-lived when she's assimilated by the Borg and then destroyed. He's devastated and starts acting irrationally.

Meanwhile, in another storyline that takes place before this, B'Elanna Torres is on the Klingon moon with her daughter Miral, who a cult of Klingons believe is the Kuvah-magh, their savior from an oncoming apocalypse. The cult wants the child and B'Elanna will do everything to protect her daughter. But they manage to attack the moon and there is a battle. Janeway and a few other members of Voyager's former crew show up and help her. Afterwards, a plan is devised by the good Klingons to keep her safe, though this means a huge deception. She and Miral fake their deaths and the only human who knows otherwise is Tom Paris, who is second in command of Voyager.

Then, in the present, VOYAGER is dispatched to the frontlines when thousands of Borg cubes start invading the Federation. The ship is put out of commission quickly--and just as it seems the Borg will win they are stopped by the aliens called the Caeliar, who were inadvertently responsible for the Borg to begin with.

Because of Chakotay's uncharacteristic behavior because of his grief, a new Captain is chosen for Voyager when that ship is rebuilt. This is Captain Eden. The Federation intends to have a fleet of ships, led by Voyager, to go back to the Delta Quadrant via a new slipstream technology (they'll get there much faster than with the old warp drive), to make sure that the Borg are indeed gone forever. It's in the Delta Quadrant that Tom Paris plans to reunite with his wife and daughter, who have now been playing dead for years.

Much of this book is a downer, but it's interesting to see story lines that can go in limitless directions since they don't have to adhere to any future tv episodes or movies. It's also a good thing that they decided to send Voyager and crew back to the Delta Quadrant where they belong. The past several books, which take place in the three years since Voyager returned home, seemed like they were killing time. Recommended.

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