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Horror movies, reviews and more at buried.com
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Terminator 2: Hour of the Wolf (2004)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Terminator 2: Hour of the Wolf (2004) Author: Mark W. TiedemannThis continues the story line from the trilogy THE JOHN CONNOR CHRONICLES, taking place about ten years later. Sarah and John have taken on new identities as well as lives for themselves. It has also been a while since they encountered any new terminators.It's 2007 and Judgment Day has not yet come. The threat of Skynet looms on the horizon but has not taken over this particular reality. As with S.M. Stirling's TERMINATOR 2 trilogy, which I thought was excellent, this story takes place on an alternate earth, where events have turned out differently than as in the TERMINATOR 3 movie. Skynet is aware of the many realities and actually exists in a kind of limbo, waiting to be born, ready to take over as many of these worlds as it can. A man from a desolate future, who seems to be a type of cybernetic organism, goes back to Sarah and John's time-and the reader isn't sure if this guy is friend or foe until midway through the novel. It also turns out that Cyberdine is now being run by a Terminator, adapted as a ruthless businessman, who had been there for twenty-five years, even before Sarah's encounter with the first Terminator. He is able to infect humans with a type of nanobot, which basically makes them slaves to his will. And this time Sarah and John are not the Terminators' main target-it is a young creative genius who may have the answer to time-travel. HOUR OF THE WOLF is a fun read and gives you what you'd expect in a Terminator novel-lots of action, Terminators and close-calls.

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