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Terminator Dreams (2003)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Terminator Dreams (2003) Author: Aaron AllstonThis is a continuation of the story from TERMINATOR 3 (Allston had written the movie adaptation novel), which alternates between the year 2029 to days before 'Judgement Day'. John and Kate Connor continue to fight Skynet and its Terminators even though they've already captured the time travel device which enabled them to send Kyle Reese and two re-programmed Terminators back in time (Terminator 1-3). The primary focus of the novel is on Danny Avila, who turns out to be the man responsible for creating the proto-type Terminator and their future adaptability. The Danny in the future can only remember events after Judgement Day, for some mysterious reason. He also begins to have dreams, dreams which start affecting his younger self. In fact, he soon becomes able to inhabit that younger body and communicate with his younger self. This is an advantage to the Resistance because they have him hide away 'time capsules' of useful information and supplies. And this also can give them an advantage over Skynet.I liked this form of 'mind' time-travel because you can see right away the consequences of the character's actions-and this is different enough from the movies to make it interesting, no a re-hash of what we've already seen. Yes, there are Terminators throughout the novel, but the main villainous one turns out to be a T-1 named 'Scowl', the first one controlled by Skynet. And this Terminator is sent to eliminate the problem of Danny Avila and his meddlingTERMINATOR DREAMS doesn't diminish the movies and I recommend this novel if you're in need of a Terminator fix. After all, I don't think they're going to be making another TERMINATOR movie anytime soon.

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