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Terminator Omnibus: Volume One, The (2008)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Terminator Omnibus: Volume One, The (2008) This trade paperback collects all of the early Dark Horse TERMINATOR series/stories from 1990-1991. What I found interesting is that Sarah Connor herself does not appear in the book at all. This is about different Terminators and time travelers and their missions.

In TEMPEST five human soldiers are sent back in time 30 years to kill a human who they think is responsible for Skynet, a Dr. Hollister who works on Project Bellerophon at Cyberdyne Systems. The leader is Mary, an Amazonian red-head. Of course, four Terminators are also sent to the same time period to stop them. In a twist, one of those Terminators is actually as much human as machine. He was a soldier who was injured--and Skynet rebuilt him. He manages to overcome the "voice" of the computer in his head and help Mary and her group. His character is remarkably similar to Marcus Wright in TERMINATOR SALVATION....a Terminator with a human brain and a human will.

there's also a nerdy, "Clark Kentish" scientist named Ed who is dragged into the action. He works under Hollister and Mary believes he can help them. But the story ends with Hollister receiving a package---which contains the head of one of the Terminators, from which he can do his work.

The best story is ONE SHOT, a tale which parallels the first TERMINATOR movie. This is the story of another Terminator, a female model, who is out to eliminate another woman named Sarah Connor (remember, the Terminator was killing all the Sarah Connors in the phone book in the first movie). Yet this Sarah Connor could not be different. She is newly married, but married her artist husband only for his money, which he thought he kept hidden from her. She knows--and her lover wants to kill him so that they can split the inheritance. But during the attack of the Terminator she comes, at least for a while, to believe that it's wrong to kill him....until her greed gets the best of her. there's also an ally who pops up, an old retired cop who reveals he was sent by John Connor to 1955, to keep an eye on things and make sure nothing ever happened to Sarah.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVES and THE ENEMY WITHIN are two other series which are a continuation of the story begun in TEMPEST, with Mary and the half human/Terminator Dudley, along with Ed the scientist, trying to stop the Terminators. As it takes place after the first film, the Terminators are still trying to hunt and kill Sarah Connor. But the closest they ever come to her is finding a handwritten note in her last hide-out. In the end Ed turns out to be a traitor and soldiers Mary and Dudley manage to stop the last Terminator. Of course, an executive at Cyberdyne still manages to get information on how to build Skynet.

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