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Holiday Horror Movies Guide - Holiday Themed Horror Films

Valentines Day Horror Movies Valentines Day Horror Movies
Well, we are closing in on Valentine's Day kiddies. The time when cupid draws back his bow to target young lovers, and Hallmark draws up a bunch of mushy cards to target the suckers. Some people love Valentine's Day... but if you are like me... you hate it, with a passion. So maybe it isn't so bad after all. Whether this lover's holiday tickles your fancy or rubs you the wrong way... we can all agree that the best way to commemorate the day should be with Valentine's Day themed horror movies. So grab your significant other, or yourself, whichever the case may be... turn down the lights and enjoy some Valentine's Day horror movies.
St. Patrick's Day Horror Movies St. Patrick's Day Horror Movies
Alright all of you green beer swilling, kiss me I'm Irish, shillelagh toting freaks... it is the time of year when everyone is Irish and most of us drink until we turn green and see Leprechauns. What better way to celebrate this holiday than with a three-pronged Shamrock of drinking, feasting and watching horror movies. There really aren't many St. Patty's day horror flicks out there other than the Leprechaun movies... but with 6 pints of Guiness all up in ya... they will do. To me it looks like a leprechaun to me, all you got to do is look up in the tree. Who all seen the leprechaun say yeaaaa! Drink it up and watch these flicks!

Easter Horror Movies Easter Horror Movies
Easter is around the corner kiddies. Seems like a good time for horror movies, seeing as how Easter is celebrating the walking dead, right? Let's see... a guy who was brutally murdered on a cross three days ago is ressurected. So, to help you celebrate Zombie Jesus we bring you these Easter themed and Easter related horror movies. So hide some nasty candy eggs from children, get out your baskets, fill them with goofily painted eggs, fake grass and candy then check out these great horror films.
Earth Day Horror Movies Earth Day Horror Movies
Earth Day is around the corner kiddies and what better way is there to celebrate the Earth than to watch it be destroyed. While these movies are not considered straight-up horror movies, they are disaster movies... and we love those. It is horror on a large scale, and I can't imagine a more horrible fate for us all than to have the world end, or to have a Milli Vanilli reunion tour. So style up with some hairspray, crank up that old '69 Impala and head down to the rental store for these Earth Day treats.

Mother's Day Horror Movies Mother's Day Horror Movies
Mother's Day is a few days away and let us celebrate the night of Mad Dog feuled bad decisions in the backseat of a '64 Rambler that made your existence possible by watching a few horror movies. Nine months later, you are born... a hairless and slimy creature. For most horror fans, not much has changed over the years. Let's face it, we are all animals... and Mothers have their instincts to protect their young. Our Mother's Day list does not consist of all straight horror flicks, but they seem to be themed around Mothers. So be nice to your Mom... she brought you into this world, and you never know when she might take you out.
Memorial Day Horror Movies Memorial Day Horror Movies
Memorial Day is only a few days away and what better way is there to celebrate those who sacrificed themselves for the good ol' United States than by watching a few horror flicks. They gave their lives so you could waste yours sitting on your couch watching horror flicks. There are not many Memorial Day horror movies to choose from, but we have a few. So if you are looking for a way to avoid those Memorial Day sales, slap on your American Flag leisure pants and take a gander at some of these flicks!

4th of July Horror Movies Fourth Of July Horror Movies
It is summertime kiddies and that means the Fourth of July is near. It is time for cookouts, beer and fireworks. It is also hot as hell, so it is a good time to head indoors and watch some horror flicks in a climate controlled area. There are only a handful of horror movies and sci-fi movies that take place on the 4th of July, but we have compiled our suggestions for the day. So if you haven't lost all of your fingers in a bloody fireworks accident, grab some food off the grill, some cold beer and check out these great summer horror and sci-fi flicks! You might even give some of these 4th horror flicks a thumbs up, if you still can.

Halloween Horror Movies Halloween Horror Movies
Halloween is upon us horror fans and it is the best time of the year... the time of haunted houses, the time when you can decorate your house with ghouls and goblins and you can scare the living hell out of the neighborhood kids and it is considered all in good fun! Anyone who doesn't love Halloween should be drawn and quartered... and then made part of someone's spooky decor. Aside from all the fun, torture-like activities one can participate in... it is also a great time to plop down with some friends and take in some horror films. Here are a few suggestions for Halloween... not that you needed us to tell you.

Thanksgiving Horror Movies Thanksgiving Horror Movies
Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, although you would barely know it... since Christmas casts such a huge shadow these days and seems to gobble up the Thanksgiving holiday. In the spirit of giving thanks... we all sit around the table and eat enough food to feed a thousand Gremlins. Well, after you finish gorging yourselves on turkey and stuffing, it is time to head to your favorite chair and unbutton the top button on your pants. If you can shake off the effects of the tryptophan.... here are some horror movies you can serve up on a big-ass platter to your family. Kick back and gobble these up after your Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas Horror Movies Christmas Horror Movies
It is the most wonderful time of the year... time for gore and time for beer... or is that joy and cheer? I forget. Hey, it is also not the most wonderful time of the year either. However, with Halloween having already come and gone we are on to Christmas. If you are like me, you never get what you want for xmas. But since I don't expect to see Sherilyn Fenn gift-wrapped for me under the tree... then I will have to move on to the next best thing... Christmas themed horror movies. That's right kiddies... Santa's suit 'aint red for nothin'. Brighten up your holiday and paint that snow blood red with these killer Christmas horror movies.

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