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Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of
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Richard The Gay Vampire
By Tim Holtman - October 15, 2014
gay high school kid gets hazed goes off partying trying to kill himself gets turned and turns his best friend

Appointment in New York
By Ryan Hinrichs - November 4, 2013
A man escapes death to find a fate far worse.

The Ripper's Shack
By Dean Kuch - November 4, 2013
He's loose...again!

The "C" Word
By C.L. Illsley - April 27, 2013
short fiction

Z-Day: The Beginning
By J. Steele - March 17, 2013
Carl Brooks begins the zombie apocolpyse...but falls victim to his own scheme

Cults of the Shadow….Blood Sacrifice to an African Baboon Tarantula (P
By Blood Ritual Monarch - March 7, 2013
Subconscious memories of ritual sacrifice come to the surface...

Good Samaritan
By Ben Wetzel - March 3, 2013
A night drive home leads a good Samaritan to a couple in need. But, then, they vanish into seemingly thin air. That's only the beginning...

Beauty is a Beast
By Diana Gayle - December 6, 2012
envy turns to horror as a woman suffers the consequences of trying to be more beautiful

Jessica's Diary!
By Raymond Cook - September 23, 2012
A tale filled with desperation

By Brian Sweet - August 10, 2012
It has been thirty-six years since Judgment Day. The Holy War has demolished just about everything, only to leave a plague in its wake....

The Scarlet Battalion
By Richard Reich - July 14, 2012
In some old towns there's nothing much to do but sit around at the bar and tell war stories.

Big Spider, Mama
By Dawn Napier - May 19, 2012
A little girl sees a really big spider at a park.

Welcome to the Machine
By David Norman - May 17, 2012
A man in a near-future society, driven by delusions from a brain implant gone wrong, convinces himself that he can become the first android.

Blind Date
By Joe Phelps - May 8, 2012
In the spirit of HP Lovecraft, a man finds out his blind date is older than what she claims.

By melissa moore - April 3, 2012
A lady gets rather miffed at her noisy upstairs neighbours and firmly puts a stop to the ruckus, venting about it on Twitter.

Section 11
By Kevin - October 7, 2011
Medical Conspiracy

Guardian Angel
By HIM - September 2, 2011

Mad Gods Volume I
By Athaansios Galanis - August 24, 2011
Bible Revelation is crucified when the Antichrist refuses his destiny.

Love Bites
By Rose Garnett - August 3, 2011
A cheating husband discovers the darker side to his wedding vows.

Night of the living dead Vs. 28 days later
By Geno - July 24, 2011
The two legends will meet face to face in this story

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