Topic: HorrorFest this weekend at Event Cinemas, Marion

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to keep you updated about the fantastic HorrorFest that is happening at Event Cinemas, Marion this weekend. Starting on Friday 28th Oct - Monday 31st October lots of new, retro and surprise movies.
Here is the full line up.
Friday 28th Oct: The Woman 8.30pm, Troll Hunter 10.30pm, Deadheads 11pm.

Saturday 29th Oct: Deadheads at 2.15pm, Troll Hunter at 4.15pm, The Woman 6.30pm, Exclusive preview of 'Don't be Afraid of the Dark at 8pm, Hobo with a Shotgun at 8.30pm, Why not take a risk and try our Surprise film at 10.30pm - this film is an exclusive Australian preview - surprise films are common themes throughout Horror festivals worldwide - so go on give it a try.
Damned by Dawn at 10.15pm, The Revenant at 10.45pm, Re-Animator at 11pm, and The Toxic Avenger also at 11pm.

Sunday 30th Oct: Hobo with a Shotgun at 1.45pm, Grindhouse at 3.30pm, Needle at 7pm, and the BEST news is that at 9pm we will be having a Q & A with the producer and some of the cast members of Damned by Dawn so come along and meet the Banshee of the movie.

Monday 31st Oct: The Revenant at 2pm, The Woman at 4.15pm, Hobo with a Shotgun at 6.30pm, Troll Hunter at 8.30pm, Needle at 10.30pm, Re-Animator at 10.45pm, The Toxic Avenger at 10.50pm.
Book now at Event Cinemas, Marion!