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Just letting you know, found a new website You can find lots of horror movies to watch for free. It's a brand new site and is still under construction but you should check it out!! I found lots of good movies there. Anyway, anyone have any other good websites or movies you reccomend? Another I liked is horror-asylum. Let me know if you have any good suggestions!!! Thanks!
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I hope this doesn't make me look like a noob, but what do you guys think of the stabbing scene in this music vid? Shit looked prettyhardcore to me haha...

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I do not like this kind of movies, like comedy movies. Does anyone have idea where I could found such films?
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free movies abound! Good thing Cheese is good ala Corman. Have you seen the new 3D motion poster for SAW3D?


Sic Art that i'm currently trying to devise a way to fly it like a flag from my jeep. Uh Huh. Its that KILLER


btw, speaking of Corman who else is excited about Sharktopus?!

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hello this is one another movie website where you can watch any sort of your favorites movies with high audio & video quality  that you ever looking for!

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I think you can watch free horror films from Anchor Bay's Horror catalog on -- found here [url=]AB Horror[/url].  There is three horror films I recognized from there because I had links to the DVDs on my storefront when it was the old layout.  I was looking for horror films to put in the network I own called [url=]Shadow of Darkness[/url].

[url=]The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 13[/url] will have a new nonfiction story called [i]Not Your Typical Night Out[/i]. Which is about the night out I had which I was in a car accident with horrific nightmares about the event.