Topic: When Darkness Falls by Steven Lloyd

“When Darkness Falls”  was published as a chapbook by Naked Snake Press in 2005. Ellen Datlow mentions the story in her summation in “The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror” 2006. I was not prepared to see my name within the pages at all. A few months later I got the email from Donna Burgess that my story had made it into the summation. Also includes an introduction by Jason Brannon

About the Story:
Chad hates everything about his grandfather–the way he smells, the way his long gray hair hangs over his cold, dark eyes. Despite his revulsion the story his grandfather weaves holds Chad fast. Grandfather spins a tale of youth, a stormy night in the 40’s and a hitchhiker that he and a friend picked up for a ride. Chad soon realizes there’s more to the story than his grandfather is letting on and the truth is much more horrifying than he imagined.

Naked Snake Press published “When Darkness Falls” by Steven Lloyd, about an elderly man who tells his grandson a frightening story about his youth—only some of which is true. The truth is much more horrifying.
–Ellen Datlow

Steven Lloyd’s” When Darkness Falls showcases an original take on the idea of serial killing and supernatural revenge. Lloyd crafts some creepy mojo from the get-go and never lets up.”
–Bryan Smith, author of House of Blood and Deathbringer

Creepy stuff! A wild ride indeed . . . call me a big fan, ’cause I look forward to reading this guy for years to come . . . . “James Newman (MIDNIGHT RAIN, HOLY ROLLERS)

“A genuinely creepy trip to the dark side. Read it at night with the lights down low, and feel the chill.”
–Bill Crider, author of Keepers of The Beast.

Enjoy the story!