Topic: Horror Fiction Submissions

Hey everyone, new to this forum so hope it is ok to post this here.

I am planning on opening up a new section on my website dedicated to all things horror literature, short fiction, dark poetry, true tales of the supernatural/paranormal, etc. you get the picture. I am also considering having a section up for fan fiction but I'm still debating that one ;-)

For submissions, feel free to shoot over my way: reelybored(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Just a note, this is simply for the enjoyment of readers of your work or if you want another outlet to show your work. So, in other words, there is no money involved.

Please feel free to share this. Oh, and I'm looking for quality work. Not necessarily professional, but needs to be well-written.

Thanks for your time!


Re: Horror Fiction Submissions

Heu man are you going to do print?