Topic: Favorite Horror Blu-Rays?

"Lay down you souls to the gods of rock n Roll" - Venom "Black Metal"

Howdy folks! Lets get this party of questionable virtue started! Tell me what you bastards think the best Horror Blurays are out there, and I will profile your film and give you credit for the idea right on the site!
Also read my reviews and tell me what you think. How can I improve, do you like them, or should I just get bent? Lets get this going! Lay down your souls, and surrender!

Herr Doctor

Re: Favorite Horror Blu-Rays?

Just got a PS3 and can't wait to buy my first few blu-rays!

You might smack me for this, but the first film I actually want to get isn't technically a horror film, but it has it's nice gory moments, with exploding people, dismemberment, and gruesome alien transformation scenes.

I'm talking about District 9!  Until then, I'm waiting for Universal Classic horror films to come out on Blu-Ray like Frankenstein and Wolfman....and I want John Carpenter's THE THING!

If you think my answers are worthy, you can profile my commercial which has a monster in it with some good clean action and dismemberment.  I posted a topic in General Horror post, titled "funny commercial, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR MONSTER"

But it's all up to you, sir.

Re: Favorite Horror Blu-Rays?

I was quite surprised by the transfer for Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Dark Sky Films did agood job of retaining much of the grain from the original film, preserving its gritty sense of realism. In 1080p, Daniel Pearls cinematography looks amazing. Never has Teri McMinn's ass looked so beautiful.


Re: Favorite Horror Blu-Rays?

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