Topic: The Iowa Ax Murder House

Not too long ago, I was afforded the oppportunity to stay the night in the infamous "Ax Murder House" in Villisca, Iowa (USA). For a mere $400, a group of up to six can stay overnight in the restored home, which was the site of a grisly multiple homicide in 1912. This crime, which is still unsolved, claimed the lives of eight individuals, six of them children. Several documentaries have been made on this gruesome event, as well as multiple segments on "true" ghost story shows in the States and the UK. Is it really haunted? Most likely, no. Documentarians discovered that the first claims of haunts didn't surface until 1994. This was discovered after interviewing a member of every family that resided in this house since 1936, none of which made claim that the place was haunted. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating story, which inspired me to pen this piece for Tuning Fork TV. You can read it for free at

Has anyone else stayed the night here? I would love to hear of any experiences you've had.