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Barbarella (1968)
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Barbarella (1968) The year is 40,000. Peacefully floating around in zero-gravity Barbarella is suddenly interrupted by a call from the President of Earth. A young scientist, Durand Durand, is threatening the ancient universal peace and Barbarella is the chosen one to find him and save the world. During her mission, Barbarella never finds herself in a situation where it isn't possible to lose at least part of her already minimal dressing.

Movie Tagline:
Who seduces an angel? Who strips in space? Who conveys love by hand? Who gives up the pill? Who takes sex to outer space? Who's the girl of the 21st century? Who nearly dies of pleasure?

Also Known As:
Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy

Title: Barbarella
Release Date: October 10, 1968
Runtime: 98 mins
Genre: Adventure
All Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: France, Italy
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 5.6
Buried.com Rating: 6.6 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With B

MPAA Rating: PG

Roger Vadim

Jane Fonda ...Barbarella
John Phillip Law ...Pygar
Anita Pallenberg ...The Great Tyrant
Milo O'Shea ...Concierge / Durand-Durand
Marcel Marceau ...Professor Ping
Claude Dauphin ...President of Earth
Veronique Vendell ...Captain Moon (as Veronique Vendell)
Giancarlo Cobelli ...
Serge Marquand ...Captain Sun
Nino Musco ...
Franco Gula ...
Catherine Chevallier ...Stomoxys
Marie Therese Chevallier ...Glossina
Umberto Di Grazia ...
David Hemmings ...Dildano
Ugo Tognazzi ...Mark Hand
Honey Autumn ...Bald handmaiden at Sogovian court
Loriana Bartella ...
Marina Bartella ...
Diane Bond ...
Carla Cassola ...
Tania de Paolis ...
Sadre Girodani ...
Gara Granda ...Girl
Joan Greenwood ...The Great Tyrant (voice)
Beatrice Lanscat ...
Katiuska Lanvin ...
Janet McLeod ...Girl in Sogo
Gabriella Morganti ...
Maria Teresa Orsini ...Suicide Girl

» [more cast members]

Dino De Laurentiis

Jean Claude Forest
Claude Brule
Terry Southern
Roger Vadim
Vittorio Bonicelli
Clement Biddle Wood
Brian Degas
Tudor Gates
Jean Claude Forest

Michel Magne
James Campbell

Barbarella Horror Film Trailer 1
Barbarella Horror Film Trailer 2

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Drag Me Down"
"Love Theme from 'Barbarella'"
"An Angel is Love"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Who seduces an angel? Who strips in space? Who conveys love by hand? Who gives up the pill? Who takes sex to outer space? Who's the girl of the 21st century? Who nearly dies of pleasure?
  • See Barbarella do her thing!
  • The space age adventuress whose sex-ploits are among the most bizarre ever seen.
  • Who can save the universe?
Movie Quote(s):
  • Barbarella: What's that screaming? A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming...
  • Pygar: An angel does not make love, an angel *is* love.
  • President: Your mission Barbarella: find Durand-Durand.
  • The Great Tyrant: Hello, pretty pretty. Barbarella: Hello... The Great Tyrant: Do you want to come and play with me? For someone like you I charge nothing. You're very pretty, Pretty-Pretty. Barbarella: My name isn't pretty-pretty, it's Barbarella.
  • The Great Tyrant: Tell me, my fancy, fuzzy freak: What do you think of, when you make love to Barbarella? Pygar: *Make* love? I do not understand. The Great Tyrant: Don't be coy with me, you are in no position. If only you had one eye in your head you could see what a delight I am, my face, my body, all my parts are a delight. An exquisite delight. Pygar: What is it you want? The Great Tyrant: I shall share my delights with you. You shall make love to me. Pygar: An angel doesn't *make* love. An angel *is* love. The Great Tyrant: Then you're a dead duck. - Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
Movie Trivia:
  • When Virna Lisi was told to play the part of Barbarella, she terminated her contract with United Artists and returned to Italy.
  • SoGo, the evil city Barbarella travels to, is a reference to Biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Future Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour was one of the session musicians who performed the film's original score.
  • The scenes during the opening credits where Barbarella seems to float around her spaceship were filmed by having Jane Fonda lie on a huge piece of plexiglas with a picture of the spaceship underneath her. It was then filmed from above, creating the illusion that she is in zero gravity. (If you look carefully, you can see the reflection in the glass as she removes her gloves.)
  • Anita Pallenberg was dubbed by Fenella Fielding.
IMDB Links:
» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

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