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Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
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Cannibal Holocaust (1980) The director Alan yates and his crew, formed by Faye Daniels, Jack Anders and Mark Tomaso, head to a rain forest in Amazonas called Green Inferno to shoot a documentary about the primitive tribes of cannibals that live in the area. They vanish and the American anthropologist Professor Harold Monroe travels to the area with the experienced guide Chaco Losojos and his assistant Miguel to seek the team out. The trio is received first by the yacumo tribe of warriors and then they approach to the wild yamamomo that is in a permanent war against the Shamatari. They find the remains of the documentary team and their reels, and they successfully negotiate with the savages. Back in New york, Professor Monroe watches the disturbing footage and discovers the fate of the team.

Movie Tagline:
Ripout! Barbeque! Devour! How long can you take it?

Also Known As:
Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust

Title: Cannibal Holocaust
Release Date: June 19, 1985
Runtime: 95 mins
Genre: Adventure
All Genres: Adventure, Drama, Horror
Languages: English, Spanish
Country: Italy
Colors: Color
Sound: Dolby Digital, Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.1
Buried.com Rating: 7.1 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With C

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Ruggero Deodato

Robert Kerman ...Harold Monroe
Francesca Ciardi ...Faye Daniels
Perry Pirkanen ...Jack Anders
Luca Barbareschi ...Mark Tomaso (as Luca Giorgio Barbareschi)
Salvatore Basile ...Chaco Losojos
Ricardo Fuentes ...Felipe Ocanya
Carl Gabriel yorke ...Alan yates (as Gabriel yorke)
Paolo Paoloni ...Chief Ny Executive
Lionello Pio Di Savoia ...Executive (as Pio Di Savoia)
Luigina Rocchi ...Native
Lucia Costantini ...Adulteress
Ruggero Deodato ...Man Outside University
Edward Mannix ...Harold Monroe (voice)
Enrico Papa ...TV Show Host
Gregory Snegoff ...TV Show Host (voice)

Franco Di Nunzio
Franco Palaggi

Gianfranco Clerici

Riz Ortolani

More Movie Taglines:
  • Ripout! Barbeque! Devour! How long can you take it?
  • They eat and they are eaten!
  • The most controversial movie of all-time
  • The most savage and brutal film in modern history
  • Can a movie go too far?
  • The most controversial movie ever made
  • Better to rest in peace in the warm body of a friend than in the cold ground
  • The men you will see eaten alive, are the same who filmed these incredible sequences
  • Don't turn away! Look at it! These are men, men like you!
  • The one that goes all the way!
  • You won't believe that what you're seeing could have happened!
  • Cruel * Barbaric * Authentic
  • The film they did not want you to see!
  • This is not an imitation, this is the original, the one that goes all the way
  • In 1979 four documentary filmmakers disappeared in the jungles of South America while shooting a film about cannibalism... Six months later, their footage was found
  • The film that can't be shown on television (France re-release)
  • Welcome to the jungle
  • Those who filmed it were devoured alive by cannibals!
  • Savage! * Terrifying! * True!
  • Eaten Alive! The Ultimate Terror Movie
  • The most grueling film ever made.
  • The mother of all cannibal films.
Movie Quote(s):
  • [last lines] Professor Harold Monroe: I wonder who the real cannibals are.
  • Chaco Losojos: In there, the more you carry, the quicker you get tired, the sooner you die.
  • Alan Yates: Oh, good Lord! It's unbelievable. It's horrible. I can't understand the reason for such cruelty. It probably has something to do with some bizarre sexual rage with the almost profound respect these primitives have for virginity.
  • Chaco Losojos: They just want to show us they are brave warriors. And they want us to follow them to the village. Professor Harold Monroe: Follow them? Chaco Losojos: Yeah, to return the prisoner, and to talk. Professor Harold Monroe: Hey listen, I-I don't know about this. I think they want us for dinner tonight.
  • Female TV Executive: Today people want sensationalism; the more you rape their senses the happier they are. Professor Harold Monroe: Ah, yes, that's typical western thought. Civilised isn't it? That's what Alan thought and that's why he's dead. The Yacumo Indian is a primitive and he has to be respected as such. You know, did you ever think of the Yacumo point of view? That we might be the savages?
Movie Trivia:
  • The film caused some scandal in Italy at the time of its release. Ten days after premiering in Milan, the film was seized by the courts, and the director, Ruggero Deodato, was arrested and charged with obscenity. He was later charged with murder and faced life in prison on the belief that several of the actors were murdered for the camera. Deodato contacted Luca Barbareschi and told him to contact the three other actors who played the missing film team. He presented the actors, alive and well, to the courts, and thus, the murder charges were dropped. The film remained banned in Italy for another three years.
  • The animal slaughterings in the movie were real, which ultimately resulted in the movie's being banned in its native Italy after the snuff film rumors were proved false. The killed animals were a coatimundi (erroneously referred to as a muskrat in the film), a turtle, a snake, a tarantula, a spider monkey, and a pig.
  • The in-film-documentary, "The Last Road To Hell", which features several executions, consists of authentic footage supposedly from Nigeria and South East Asia.
  • Deodato was inspired to make the movie after seeing his son watching the violent news on TV and noticed how the journalists focus on the violence. He also believed that some news angles were actually staged to capture more sensational footage, hence the similar angle seen in the film.
  • This movie has gained the title of the most notorious movie of all-time, and is often claimed to be banned in over 50 countries worldwide. If true, it would easily hold the world record for the most heavily banned film.
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