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Frankenstein - 1970 (1958)
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Frankenstein - 1970 (1958) Baron Victor Von Frankenstein has fallen on hard times; he was tortured at the hands of the Nazis for not cooperating with them during World War II and he is now badly disfigured. As his family's wealth begins to run out, the Baron is forced to allow a TV crew shooting a documentary on his monster-making ancestors to film at his castle in Germany. However, the Baron has some ideas of his own: using the money from the crew's rent he buys an atomic reactor and uses it to create a hulking monster, transplanting his butler's brain into the thing and using it to kill off the crew for more spare parts.

Movie Tagline:
The One...The Only KING OF MONSTERS as the new demon of the atomic age!

Also Known As:
Frankenstein 1960
Frankenstein 1975

Title: Frankenstein - 1970
Release Date: July 20, 1958
Runtime: 83 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 4.4
Buried.com Rating: 5.4 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With F

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Howard W. Koch

Boris Karloff ...Baron Victor von Frankenstein
Don 'Red' Barry ...Douglas Row
Jana Lund ...Carolyn Hayes
Tom Duggan ...Mike Shaw
Charlotte Austin ...Judy Stevens
Norbert Schiller ...Shuter
Rudolph Anders ...Wilhelm Gottfried
Irwin Berke ...Insp. Raab
John Dennis ...Morgan Haley
Franz Roehn ...Cab driver
Joe Ploski ...Station porter
Otto Reichow ...Atomic reactor expert
Mike Lane ...Hans / The Monster
Jack Kenny ...Assistant Cameraman

Aubrey Schenck

Richard H. Landau
Charles A. Moses
Aubrey Schenck
Mary Shelley
George Worthing yates

Paul Dunlap

More Movie Taglines:
  • The One...The Only KING OF MONSTERS as the new demon of the atomic age!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Baron Victor von Frankenstein: [Reading from his ancestor's stone memorial marker] "I, Frankenstein, began my work in the year 1740 A.D. with all good intentions and humane thoughts to the high purpose of probing the secrets of life itself with but one end, the betterment of mankind." [Speaking for himself] Baron Victor von Frankenstein: So wrote my ancestor, but first he had to learn how flesh is made. He had to discover the art of transplanting vital organs from human beings into his creature and knitting them together until they all had all the attributes of God-inspired birth. Of course, I must admit that perhaps he was not too scrupulous about where he got his raw material.
  • Douglas Row: Jealousy, jealousy, lover! Don't blame me because you're no longer an ingenue. Judy Stevens: That's not exactly what you said when you married me. Douglas Row: Well, I keep you on the payroll. i'm loyal. Judy Stevens: Oh, yes, you're loyal to wives 1 through 4 inclusive. [Indicating beautiful actress Judy Stevens] Judy Stevens: Would you care to try your luck with 5?
  • Wilhelm Gottfried: [Pointedly to Dr. Frankenstein] What kind of deals do you have with the director of the morgue?
  • Judy Stevens: I put the toast in the oven. Judy Stevens: [Condescendingly and sarcastically] Didn't that take an awful lot of courage, darling? After all, you never know who you'll find dead in an oven!
  • Carolyn Hayes: Organ music always makes me think of death!
Movie Trivia:
  • This project was proposed because of the success of the "Shock Theatre" package of Universal horror films released to television. The other contributing factors were the recent successes of the British-made The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and the low-budget American International release I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (1957). This low-budget film had the advantage of being shot in CinemaScope.
  • This film was originally going to be entitled "Frankenstein 1960" but it didn't sound futuristic enough. It was also thought to be too far fetched that an independent researcher could obtain his own atomic reactor in 1960.
  • Producer Aubrey Schenck had hoped to get the film released by Warner Brothers but had to settle for Allied Artists. Previously, movies produced by Schenck's Bel-Air films, like "The Black Sleep," had been released by United Artists.
  • The interiors were part of a set on Warner's Stage Three, which had been constructed for the Errol Flynn-Dorothy Malone film "Too Much, Too Soon." In addition, the budget conscious Schenck used cinematographer Carl Guthrie from the earlier film because his experience with the set allowed him to light the scenes quickly.
  • The film was scheduled for 8 shooting days and was completed on time. (1-9-58 to 1-20-58) Karloff worked all 8 days.
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