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Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
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Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (1985) While Jason lies unconscious, a local man decides to use Jason's old M.O. and wreaks havoc at a halfway house for troubled teens.

Movie Tagline:
If Jason still haunts you, you're not alone!

Also Known As:
Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Title: Friday The 13th: A New Beginning
Release Date: March 22, 1985
Runtime: 92 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Mystery
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 4.0
Buried.com Rating: 5 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With F

MPAA Rating: R

Danny Steinmann

Anthony Barrile ...Vinnie
Suzanne Bateman ...Nurse yates / Receptionist
Dominick Brascia ...Joey
Todd Bryant ...Neil
Curtis Conaway ...Les
Juliette Cummins ...Robin
Bob DeSimone ...Billy (as Bob De Simone)
John Robert Dixon ...Eddie
Corey Feldman ...Tommy at 12
Jere Fields ...Anita (as Jere Fields)
Tiffany Helm ...Violet
Melanie Kinnaman ...Pam Roberts
Richard Lineback ...Deputy Dodd
Carol Locatell ...Ethel Hubbard
Ric Mancini ...Mayor Cobb
Miguel A. Nunez Jr. ...Demon (as Miguel A. Nunez Jr.)
Corey Parker ...Pete
Jerry Pavlon ...Jake
Shavar Ross ...Reggie
Rebecca Wood ...Lana (as Rebecca Wood-Sharkey)
John Shepherd ...Tommy Jarvis
Sonny Shields ...Raymond
Eddie Matthews ...Second Deputy (as Ed Shinstine)
Ron Sloan ...Junior Hubbard
Marco St. John ...Sheriff Tucker
Caskey Swaim ...Duke
Mark Venturini ...Victor J. Faden
Debi Sue Voorhees ...Tina (as Debisue Voorhees)
Vernon Washington ...George
Chuck Wells ...Third Deputy

» [more cast members]

Frank Mancuso Jr.
Timothy Silver

Martin Kitrosser
David Cohen
Martin Kitrosser
David Cohen
Danny Steinmann
Victor Miller

Harry Manfredini

More Movie Taglines:
  • If Jason still haunts you, you're not alone!
  • A New Beginning to the first step in terror
  • The mindless, murderous fury that was buried with Jason has been reborn. And suddenly, terror has become child's play!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Sheriff Cal Tucker: Morning, Ethel. My, don't you look lovely today. Ethel Hubbard: Horse shit! Now, Sheriff, you better hear me, and hear me good. I want this looney bin closed down. You hearin' me fella? Now these kids ain't nothing but trouble. They don't respect other's property, and they're all crazy! Junior Hubbard: You tell 'em Ma! Ha hah. Sheriff Cal Tucker: Ethel, these kids weren't doing... Ethel Hubbard: Doing? Doing? You think I don't know what those two perverts were doing in my yard? Junior Hubbard: Say it like you mean it, Ma! Ethel Hubbard: Would you shut the fuck up? [the kids laugh for a minute] Ethel Hubbard: Now, I'm gonna tell all of ya, you mark my words, the next little bastard that comes near my farm, I'm gonn' blow your fuckin' brains out, you hear me? [Tucker approaches] Ethel Hubbard: Don't you come near me, Sheriff, I'm warnin' ya! I got a bomb on me. I swear to ya. You make one move toward me I'm gonna blow us all up. Start the engines, Junior! [gets on motorbike] Ethel Hubbard: That's it. My final words. [gives them the finger as they drive off]
  • Sheriff Cal Tucker: I know who it is. Mayor Cobb: What? Sheriff Cal Tucker: I said I know who it is. Mayor Cobb: Who? Sheriff Cal Tucker: It's Jason Voorhees. Mayor Cobb: Jason Voorhees? You're outta your fucking mind. You've been out in the sun too long. Jason Voorhees is dead! His body was cremated. He's nothing but a handful of ash. Sheriff Cal Tucker: [Tucker stands up firmly] You know that for sure, Mayor? Were you there? Did you see him cremated? Mayor Cobb: Jason Voorhees? [Tucker nods] Mayor Cobb: I can't believe this! Look. [pulls out an ashtray] Mayor Cobb: This is your "Jason Voorhees" here. [pours ashes out] Mayor Cobb: This! [plants ashtray in Tucker's hand] Mayor Cobb: Your ass is on the line here, Tucker. Are you getting that? You get me a Goddamn LIVE suspect! [Cobb exits. Tucker, enraged, breaks the ashtray by throwing it against a wall]
  • Vinnie: This is a mess. No way. I refuse to do this! You're the one who keeps fucking around with it so get off your ass and fix it! You understand? Pete! Vinnie: [Pete honks the horn loudly, startling Vinnie. He then begins to laugh] You are an asshole! Pete: Aww, what's the matter, Vinnie? You scared of the dark? You all creeped out by that murder at the nuthouse? Vinnie: Oh yeah, sure. Look, as far as I'm concerned, all those loonies should be killed off one by one. Can you try it now? Pete: [engine won't start] Geez, man, can't you do anything? Stop screwin' around! Get this thing done by the time I get back. I gotta take a crap. Vinnie: Crap my ass! Pete: Just do it, man! I mean it. Vinnie: [Pete walks away] Fucking asshole!
  • Tina: Eddie, we can't. Matt will kill us. Eddie: Fuck him! Tina: Fuck you. Eddie: Exactly. Fuck me.
  • Demon: You're gonna get it, bitch! Anita: Lighten up, Demon, you'll feel a lot better after you shit. Demon: I'll feel a lot better when I'm out of here. This shitbox is gross. Anita: You better watch out for the snake that's going to crawl up that crapper and bite your ass.
Movie Trivia:
  • The film was originally written to have Corey Feldman as the star, reprising the role of Tommy Jarvis. However, he was already working on The Goonies (1985), so the script was rewritten to have Feldman's appearance limited to a cameo.
  • The scene in which Pam attacks Jason with the chainsaw was shot on Halloween night in 1984.
  • "Victor Faden" can be seen written on the outhouse wall behind Demon. This is the name of the mental patient who hacked Joey to death and was taken away by the police. Many believe this was put there to insinuate the possibility that Victor had escaped and is committing more murders.
  • The movie that Jake and Robin watch on the bed is A Place in the Sun (1951).
  • There is a small black and white photo of 'John Lennon' hanging up behind Dr. Matt Leonard's head in the first scene of them together in his office
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Teen, Jason Voorhees, Stabbed In The Eye, Spike In The Head, Vertigo Shot  ...[more]

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