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Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaiju Baragon (1965)
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Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaiju Baragon (1965) The heart of Frankenstein's monster is stolen from Dr. Frankenstein and taken by U-boat to Japan. The heart is immortal. When caught in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, it begins to grow. Several years later a disfigured wild-boy is discovered stealing peoples livestock and eating a school's pet rabbit. Drs. Bowen and Togami keep the boy under surveillance, handcuffed. He grows at an enormous rate and eventually escapes his chains by chewing off his hand, which survives and crawls around until it dies of malnutrition. Frankenstein (as Bowen and Togami choose to call him) is blamed for destruction of the countryside near Mount Fuji, but Akira Takarada swears he saw another monster at the scene of the disaster.

Movie Tagline:
He rolled the Seven Wonders of the World into one!

Also Known As:
Frankenstein Conquers the World

Title: Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaiju Baragon
Release Date: July 08, 1966
Runtime: 90 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Languages: Japanese
Country: Japan
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 3.3
Buried.com Rating: 4.3 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With F

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Ishiro Honda

Tadao Takashima ...Dr. yuzo Kawaji
Nick Adams ...Dr. James Bowen
Kumi Mizuno ...Dr. Sueko Togami
yoshio Tsuchiya ...Mr. Kawai
Koji Furuhata ...Furankenshutain (The Frankenstein Monster)
Jun Tazaki ...Military Advisor
Susumu Fujita ...Osaka Police Chief
Takashi Shimura ...Axis Scientist
Nobuo Nakamura ...Skeptical Museum Chief
Kenji Sahara ...Soldier
yoshifumi Tajima ...Submarine Commander
Kozo Nomura ...Overzealous Reporter (as Terunobu Nomura)
Haruya Kato ...TV Director
Ikio Sawamura ...Man Walking Dog
yoshio Kosugi ...Mountain Soldier
Keiko Sawai ...Kazuko, the dying girl
Noriko Takahashi ...Girl in Lodge
Peter Mann ...Dr. Liesendorf
Ren yamamoto ...Bystander
yutaka Sada ...Hospital Administrator
Hisaya Ito ...Osaka Police Sergeant
Kenzo Tabu ...Scornful News Editor
Shigeki Ishida ...Chuckling Scientist
Nadao Kirino ...Police Sergeant
yutaka Nakayama ...News Cameraman A
Senkichi Omura ...News Cameraman B
Tadashi Okabe ...Sarcastic Reporter
Toshihiko Furuta ...Bystander
Kenichiro Kawaji ...young Furankenshutain
Hideaki Nitani ...Hospital Official

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Samuel Z. Arkoff
Samuel Z. Arkoff
Reuben Bercovitch
James H. Nicholson
James H. Nicholson
Henry G. Saperstein
Tomoyuki Tanaka

Reuben Bercovitch
Takeshi Kimura
Mary Shelley
Jerry Sohl

Akira Ifukube

More Movie Taglines:
  • He rolled the Seven Wonders of the World into one!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Axis Scientist: Frankenstein's heart. Mr. Kawai: Frankenstein? It's alive? Axis Scientist: It is immortal. Mr. Kawai: Immortal? Axis Scientist: You never heard what was said of Frankenstein's experiments? Mr. Kawai: Yes, but I heard he was destroyed. Axis Scientist: Well, a long time ago, a German scientist sewed together the parts of a man in hopes to bring it back to life. He used an electric shock to bring it to life. Mr. Kawai: But what can we gain from the research? Axis Scientist: We might learn how to process or grow any part of the human body. Mr. Kawai: Please don't joke with me. Axis Scientist: I am quite serious. This heart is a living thing. It we can learn from its cellular structure, regardless of wartime or peace, illness or injury, we would be able to help everyone.
Movie Trivia:
  • The original plot of this film had Godzilla facing Frankenstein. It was scrapped because Toho felt that the proposed fight scenes were too implausible.
  • Akira Ifukube reused some of his score from _Daikaiju Baran (1958)_.
  • Material issued by American International credited an actress named "Sueko Togami" with playing a major part in this film. "Sueko Togami" is actually the name of the character played by Kumi Mizuno.
  • One of the proposed titles for this film was "Frankenstein Vs. the Giant Devil Fish". In fact, one of the lobby photos features the title monster doing battle with a giant octopus. However, that scene was deleted from the film. Ironically, the sequel, Furankenstein no kaiju: Sanda tai Gaira does feature a battle between Gaira, the Green Gargantua, and a giant octopus.
  • In it's original release, it was billed as the first film collaboration between Japan and the U.S.
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Frankenstein, Monster, WWII, Scientist  ...[more]

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