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Gall Force: Eternal Story (1986)
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Gall Force: Eternal Story (1986) There is currently no plot oultine information for this movie. Read below for more about this horror movie or sci-fi movie.

Title: Gall Force: Eternal Story
Runtime: 86 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Animation, Sci-Fi
Languages: Japanese
Country: Japan
Colors: Color
IMDB Rating: 6.1
Buried.com Rating: 7.1 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With G

Katsuhito Akiyama

Maria Kawamura ...Eluza
Naoko Matsui ...Rabby
Hiromi Tsuru ...Lufy
Michie Tomizawa ...Pony
Naoko Watanabe ...Catty
yuriko yamamoto ...Rumy
Arisa Ando ...Solnoid Bridge Crew
Teresa Campbell ...Lufy (voice: English version)
Daniel Cronin ...Paranoid Adjustants (voice: English version)
Kathleen Freeman ......
Toshio Furukawa ...OX-11
Kyoko Hamura ...Ail
Eriko Hara ...Patty (voice)
Hidehiro Kikuchi ...The Boy
Michitaka Kobayashi ...Paranoid Adjutants (as Sanshiro Nitta)
Jim Malone ...The Boy (voice: English version)
Seiko Nakano ...Solnoid Bridge Crew
Ciarrai Nimhaille ...Rabby, Catty, Central Guard Captain (voice: English...
Lisa Ortiz ...Pony / Eluza (voice: English version)
Shinya Otaki ...Paranoid Adjutant
yoshino Otori ...Akon Kagu'ya Captain
Kayzie Rogers ...Rumy (as Katherine Freeman)
Molly Schaff ...Solonoid Bridge Crew (voice: English version)...
Eric Stuart ...Boy (voice)
Tomiko Suzuki ...Toil
Kei Tomiyama ...Exanon
Bal Shem Tov ...Paranoid Commander (voice: English version)
R.P. Wellington ...Patty, Akon Kagu'ya, Captain (voice: English...
Kazuko yanaga ...Central Guard Captain
yusaku yara ...Paranoid Commander

» [more cast members]

Mitsuhisa Hida
Nagateru Kato
Eiji Kishi
Toru Miura
Ikuo Nagasaki
yutaka Takahashi

Hideki Kakinuma

Ichizo Seo

Movie Quote(s):
  • Rumy: [to Patty's male clone] You're not exactly like Patty. You're different... down there.
  • [the Bron-D mecha cradles a wounded Lufy as they are left behind by the Starleaf] Lufy: Bron-D, it's you. I'm glad you're here. They're a good group, those guys. They'll make it to Chaos... somehow. Strange, it feels good to think that.
  • Rabby: Lufy, you're disobeying the order? Why do you have to be so selfish? To hell with your medal! Lufy: Alright, what's your beef? Rabby: You said you've made 150 enemy kills. Lufy: 168 kills! Rabby: Don't you realize how many people on *our* side died because you just had to have all the glory? [Lufy glares at her] Rabby: Everybody used to talk about you... that no-one who fights with you ever gets back alive! Lufy: Here, take it! Rabby: Lufy...
  • Toil: Rumy, after comparing your own mass with the mass and caloric value of the food you're eating, I am forced to conclude that the amount you're taking in far exceeds your physical needs. Rumy: Why can't you just say I eat too much and be done with it?
  • [in sickbay, an injured Eluza comes to] Rumy: Eluza! Eluza: Rabby, I know what they're trying to do. I won't let them... I refuse... Rabby: Eluza, what do you mean? Pony: [bangs fist on control panel] There's nothing physically wrong, but her pulse and temperature are... [Eluza begins hyperventilating] Rumy: Eluza! Pony: I don't know what to do! Rabby: Catty, what happened to her? Catty: I don't know. Rabby: You don't know? You were with her, weren't you? Pony: [banging fists on control panel] What's wrong with her? Rumy: [wailing] Ezula! Eluza!
Movie Trivia:
  • As Rabby glances over the Starleaf's personnel file, three characters from Purojekuto A-ko (1986) are shown on the view screen. The are C-ko, Ms. Ayumi, and a blond B-ko.
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» More information at imdb.com

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