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Gojira Ni-Sen Mireniamu (1999)
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Gojira Ni-Sen Mireniamu (1999) This movie ignores all the other Godzilla movies except the original. Godzilla has attacked Japan twice more in the 60's-80's after his first appearance. Now it's 1999, and the Godzilla Prediction Network (GPN) is studying and tracking Godzilla when he appears on the coast of Nemuro. He completely destroys the city. Earlier that week, a 60 million year old rock was discovered. Without warning it begins to float and heads for a meeting with Godzilla in Tokai Mura. Godzilla uses his ultra-powerful fire breath (incredibly stronger than in the first movies) and breaks the rocks to reveal a UFO!!! The UFO blows Godzilla back into the sea with a hyperblaster but lands and ceases all activities due to the damage caused by Godzilla. Later, the UFO takes off for Shinjuku where the final battle between the UFO and Godzilla takes place. The UFO transforms into a monster dubbed Orga and resumes attacks on Godzilla. Can Godzilla defeat the strange alien creature? What other tricks do these titans have up their sleeves?

Movie Tagline:
Get ready to crumble.

Also Known As:
Godzilla 2000

Title: Gojira Ni-Sen Mireniamu
Release Date: August 18, 2000
Runtime: 99 mins
Genre: Sci-Fi
All Genres: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller
Languages: Japanese
Country: Japan
Colors: Color
Sound: Dolby Digital, SDDS
IMDB Rating: 5.7
Buried.com Rating: 6.7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With G

MPAA Rating: PG

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated PG for monster violence and mild language.

Takao Okawara

Takehiro Murata ...Prof. yuji Shinoda
Hiroshi Abe ...Mitsuo Katagiri
Naomi Nishida ...yuki Ichinose
Mayu Suzuki ...Io Shinoda
Shiro Sano ...Prof. Shiro Miyasaka
Takeshi Obayashi ...
Shiro Namiki ...
Sakae Kimura ...
Bengaru ...
Ken'ichi Nagira ...
Kenichi Ishii ...
yoshimasa Kondo ...
Koichi Ueda ...Military Man
yoshiyuki Omori ...
Masahiko Nishimura ...
Satomi Achiwa ...
Denden ...
Atsuko Kohata ...
yutaka Matsushige ...
Dangaruriyasu ...
Shelley Sweeney ...A reporter
Daisuke Ishizuka ...
Toshihiko Sakakibara ...
yoshikazu Ishii ...
Terumi yoshida ...
Tsutomu Kitagawa ...Gojira
Makoto Ito ...Oruga
Natalia Adams ...Orga (voice) (as Natalia D. Adams)
Amy Hill ...Shop Owner (voice)
Ron yuan ...Katagiri (voice)

» [more cast members]

Shogo Tomiyama
Michael Schlesinger

Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Wataru Mimura
Michael Schlesinger

Takayuki Hattori

Gojira Ni-Sen Mireniamu Horror Film Trailer 1
Gojira Ni-Sen Mireniamu Horror Film Trailer 2
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More Movie Taglines:
  • Get ready to crumble.
  • This year forget the Y2K bug... Prepeare for the G2K bug... Coming to theaters on August 18th
  • [Japanese Version] Witness! The New Godzilla Century!
  • Earth's most powerful monster fights a beast from outer space.
  • Godzilla returns
  • destroying the city of Nemuro in Japan.
Movie Quote(s):
  • [closing scene; Japanese Version] Shiro Miyasaka: The recklessness of science gave birth to you, Godzilla. Why do you appear before us? [Godzilla continues to trample through Shinjuku] Yuki Ichinose: Because we humans gave birth to this monster. Yuji Shinoda: Godzilla is... inside all of us!
  • [closing scene; US Version] Shiro Miyasaka: We scientists produced this monster... Godzilla. And ever since, we tried to destroy him. [Godzilla continues to trample through Shinjuku] Yuki Ichinose: But then, why... Why does he keep protecting us? Yuji Shinoda: Maybe because... Godzilla is inside each one of us!
  • Customer 1: Ahh, this damn teriyaki is cold again. Customer 2: Huh, but as long as the beer is cold, who cares? Shop Owner: You clobs don't like it, there's plenty of other places to eat around here, so shut up or get out! [room shakes, Godzilla is here]
  • Jeep Driver: Did you see that flying rock? It was unbelievable!
Movie Trivia:
  • On 15 July 1999, Toho broadcast two hours of the film's production on the Internet. The scene being prepared and filmed was where Godzilla smashes his way through Shinjuku (probably in the scene where he prepares to fight the Gigantic UFO). This was also the first time people got to see the new Godzilla suit, just a day before the press presented more official photos of it.
  • According to books and press material, the squid-like alien that became Orga is called the "Millennian". However, neither monster was referred to by name in either version.
  • The first of the Toho Godzilla films to feature a full CGI Godzilla, particularly in the scene where Godzilla swims underwater.
  • Not only Godzilla's 45th Anniversary film, but also the first film in the third Godzilla movie series (or the "Millennium Series").
  • The first film in which Godzilla is actually green.
IMDB Links:
» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

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