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Kin-Dza-Dza (1986)
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Kin-Dza-Dza (1986) Two Humans, "Uncle Vova" and "The Fiddler" accidentally find themselves on another planet after pushing the wrong button on the strange device in the hand of an odd hobo, claiming to be an alien. Planet "Pluke" in the galaxy "Kin-Dza-Dza" looks like a desert. All "aliens" look human, and can understand Russian, after reading uncle Vova's mind. Their own language is mostly telepathic and is limited to 11 words - 10 plus "koo" - all other words. The whole paradox of Pluke is that their civilization is much more advanced than ours in time and space traveling, weaponry and so on, but totally barbarian in the social way. There is a special (and only) way to identify two groups of creatures by pointing a little device on the person, orange light - "Chatlanian" (superior), green - "Patsak" (lower class). The most valued things on the planet are matches (or, rather, the chemicals ordinarily used on Earth for match heads). One match head equals to 2200 "chatles". Uncle Vova and Gedevan "the Fiddler" Alexidze, have a long and dangerous journey in order to get home...

Title: Kin-Dza-Dza
Release Date: December 10, 2001
Runtime: 135 mins
Genre: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Languages: Georgian, Russian
Country: Soviet Union
Colors: Color
IMDB Rating: 8.1
Buried.com Rating: 9.1 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With K

MPAA Rating: 13

Georgi Daneliya

Stanislav Lyubshin ...Vladimir Nikolaevich Mashkov (Uncle Vova)
Evgeni Leonov ...Wef (Chatlanian)
yuriy yakovlev ...Bi, Patsak
Levan Gabriadze ...Gedevan Aleksandrovich (Fiddler)
Olga Mashnaya ...Decont (from Alpha)
Irina Shmeleva ...Tsan (the cart-driving Patsak girl)
Lev Perfilov ...Kyrr (the Chatlanian dissident)
Anatoli Serenko ......
Aleksandra Dorokhina ......
Galina Daneliya yurkova ......
Anatoli Martynov ... (as A.Martynov)
Victor Marenkov ...Charg - the Patsak watchman (Gimme something...
Rezo Khobua ... (credit only) (as R.Khobua)
Igor Bogolyubov ...Lord PG's Personal Patsak (as I.Bogolyubov)
Valentin Bukin ......
Vladimir Fyodorov ...Mr. Gua (yellow Pants) (as V.Fyodorov)
Nikolai Garo ...Lord PG (the ruler) (as N.Garo)
Olesya Ivanova ...White fat woman near a big wheel (as O.Ivanova)
Igor Kan ...Tooik (fat ecilop 'Put muzzles now!) (as I.Kahn)
Aleksandr Litovkin ...Gor 'the Scar' (gang leader) (as A.Litovkin)
Tatyana Novitskaya ...Tinai (the Connector Woman) (as T.Novitskaya)
Harri Schweitz ......
yuri Voronkov ...Bearded Big Man (as y.Voronkov)
Gennadi yalovich ...Secret Agent (Behave yourself) (as I.yalovich)
Valeri Frolov ...Brink (as V.Frolov)
Valentin Golubenko ...Lord PG's Guard #2 (powerman) (as V.Golubenko)
Gennadi Ivanov ...Black ecilop (as G.Ivanov)
Viktor Makhmutov ...Red-headed Chatlanian at tonnel (as V.Makhmutov)
Oleg Matveyev ......
Tatyana Perfilyeva ...Old woman at tonnel (as T.Perfilyeva)

» [more cast members]

Georgi Daneliya
Revaz Gabriadze

Gia Kancheli

Movie Quote(s):
  • Uef: Either you're giving us this KETSE right now, or we won't lay you on Earth for less than 8 matchboxes!
  • Dyadya Vova: Let's go, Skripach, to outer space.
  • Uef: So put on tsak, and sit in pepelats!
  • Uef: Yellow pants! "Ku" twice!
  • Bi, Patsak: Skripach, instead of thinkin' you're the first Georgian cosmonaut and you'll be awarded by Nobel prize, you'd better put back the spoon you've stolen from the poor artists.
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Planet, Outer Space, Cult Favorite, Soviet, Surrealism  ...[more]

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Rating: 9.1 out of 10.0 - 55 votes cast total
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