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King Of The Rocket Men (1949)
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King Of The Rocket Men (1949) A group of atomic researchers, Science Associates, is being decimated by remote control. The survivors suspect that the villain, calling himself "Dr. Vulcan," is one of themselves, bent on a monopoly of their technological wonders. Jeff King is assigned to safeguard the group's secrets; for a professor, he's very handy with his fists, and has the added advantage of a secret, experimental rocket suit that enables him to fly! But Dr. Vulcan has deadly devices also. Can the Rocket Man expose Vulcan without revealing his own identity?

Movie Tagline:
And they hit the moon! 12 thrilling chapters about the most fascinating man who ever lived! (original poster)

Title: King Of The Rocket Men
Release Date: June 08, 1949
Runtime: 167 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.3
Buried.com Rating: 8.3 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With K

MPAA Rating: Passed

Fred C. Brannon

Tristram Coffin ...Jeff King
Mae Clarke ...Glenda Thomas
Don Haggerty ...Tony Dirken
House Peters Jr. ...Burt Winslow
James Craven ...Prof. Millard [Chs. 1-7, 10]
I. Stanford Jolley ...Prof. Bryant
Douglas Evans ...Chairman [Ch. 12]
Ted Adams ...Martin Conway [Chs. 1-4]
Stanley Price ...Gunther Von Strum
Dale Van Sickel ...Prof. Drake [Ch. 1] / Henchman Gates [Chs. 6-7,...
Tom Steele ...Henchman Knox [Chs. 1, 3-4, 7] / Taxi Driver...
David Sharpe ...Henchman Blears / Cliff / Stark
Eddie Parker ...Rowan [Ch. 3]
Michael Ferro ...Henchman Turk [Ch. 8]
Frank O'Connor ...Warehouse Guard [Chs. 1, 10]
Buddy Roosevelt ...Henchman Phillips [Chs. 9-10]
Marshall Bradford ...Professor Graftner
Arvon Dale ...Chairman's Aide [Ch. 12]
Art Gilmore ...Newscaster [Ch. 5] (voice)
Bert LeBaron ...Henchman Morgan [Chs. 8-9]
Carey Loftin ...Henchman Sparks [Ch. 2]
Jack O'Shea ...Walter, Eastern Electronics' Clerk [Ch. 6]
Bud Wolfe ...Clay, Motorcycle Rider [Ch. 9]

Franklin Adreon

Royal K. Cole
William Lively
Sol Shor

Stanley Wilson
Joseph Dubin

More Movie Taglines:
  • And they hit the moon! 12 thrilling chapters about the most fascinating man who ever lived! (original poster)
  • Watch "Rocket Man" sweep from the clouds to battle America's enemies! (original poster)
  • Faster than light! (original poster)
  • No Serial Thrill like it before!
Movie Trivia:
  • This was another of Republic's titles to use a play-on-words for "King of..." "King" was actually the name of the main character.
  • As in other Republic serials, Republic's top stuntmen, Dale Van Sickel, Tom Steele and David Sharpe, not only did stunts for other actors, they were given multiple roles throughout the serial. The audience were meant to see only one episode per week and therefore not expected to remember the faces of each henchman or extra.
  • Jeff King's atomic powered rocket suit was so advanced that it required only three operational controls: on/off, up/down and slow/fast.
  • Titles of Chapters - 1. Dr. Vulcan. Traitor - 2. Plunging Death - 3. Dangerous Evidence - 4. High Peril - 5. Fatal Dive - 6. Mystery of The Rocket Man - 7. Molten Menace - 8. Suicide Flight - 9. Ten Seconds To Live - 10. The Deadly Fog - 11. Secret of Dr. Vulcan - 12. Wave of Disaster [Note: The On Screen number to this is 'Last Chapter' instead of '12']
  • SPOILER: The footage from the final chapter showing the destruction of New York City was taken from Deluge (1933).
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Science, Secret, Rescue, Suspect, Professor  ...[more]

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