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Mad Love (1935)
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Mad Love (1935) In Paris, Dr. Gogol is infatuated with theater actress yvonne Orlac as he returns to his same box seat for her every performance. yvonne is married, however, to concert pianist Stephen Orlac. They plan to move to England. When Stephen's talented hands are crushed in a train wreck, yvonne asks for Dr. Gogol's help by operating to save them. Although the doctor can't save Stephen's hands, he will do anything to help yvonne. His solution is to replace the hands with those of an executed knife-throwing murderer. Gogol's obsession with yvonne grows while Stephen discovers that his proficiency at the piano has been replaced by an uncanny accuracy with throwing things. The doctor's next move is to play on Stephen's mental distress to convince him that he is crazy, and a murderer. It is the only way he can get yvonne.

Movie Tagline:
His love was pitiful...hopeless...madness...yet "The Thing" tired of pity

Title: Mad Love
Release Date: July 12, 1935
Runtime: 68 mins
Genre: Romance
All Genres: Romance, Horror
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.4
Buried.com Rating: 8.4 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With M

MPAA Rating: Approved

Karl Freund

Peter Lorre ...Doctor Gogol
Frances Drake ...yvonne Orlac
Colin Clive ...Stephen Orlac
Ted Healy ...Reagan, the American Reporter
Sara Haden ...Marie, yvonne's Maid
Edward Brophy ...Rollo the Knife Thrower
Henry Kolker ...Prefect Rosset
Keye Luke ...Dr. Wong, Gogol's Assistant
May Beatty ...Francoise, Gogol's Housekeeper
George Davis ...Chauffeur (scenes deleted)
Billy Dooley ...Undetermined Role (scenes deleted)
Harold Huber ...Thief (scenes deleted)
Isabel Jewell ...Marianne (scenes deleted)
Leo White ...Undetermined Role (scenes deleted)
Sam Ash ...Detective Arresting Stephen
Hooper Atchley ...Train Conductor
Agostino Borgato ...Stage Doorman
Maurice Brierre ...Taxi Driver
Mike Cantwell ...Man
Julie Carter ...Nurse
Harvey Clark ...Station Master
Cora Sue Collins ...Gogol's Lame Child Patient
Nell Craig ...Suzanne, Nurse
Frank Darien ...Lavin, Man Carting Statues
Kay English ...Woman
Alphonse Ethier ...Assistant Prefect
Christian J. Frank ...Detective Escorting Rollo on Train
Billy Gilbert ...Man on Train with Dog
Robert Graves ...Detective Escorting Rollo on Train
Roger Gray ...Detective Arresting Stephen

» [more cast members]

John W. Considine Jr.

Maurice Renard
Florence Crewe Jones
Guy Endore
P.J. Wolfson
John L. Balderston
Leon Wolfson
Edgar Allan Woolf
Gladys Von Ettinghausen
Leon Gordon

Dimitri Tiomkin

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Etude Opus 10, no.4"
"Ballade in G Minor"
"Siegfried Idyll"
"Phantasie Impromptu"

More Movie Taglines:
  • His love was pitiful...hopeless...madness...yet "The Thing" tired of pity
  • and demanded love!
  • A new, a strange, a gifted personality comes to the screen!
  • Dead hands that live... and love... and kill!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Doctor Gogol: Each man kills the thing he loves.
  • Yvonne Orlac: [referring to Gogol] He cures defomed children and mutilated soldiers. Marie, Yvonne's Maid: Soldiers? I wish he'd fix one up for me.
  • Man on Train with Dog: I have here autographs of a hundred famous persons and not a single murderer.
  • Reagan, the American Reporter: [as Rollo approaches the guillotine] Tough luck kid! Rollo the Knife Thrower: We all get it in the neck someday.
  • Doctor Gogol: Impossible? Dr. Wong, Gogol's Assistant: Impossible! Doctor Gogol: Napoleon said that word is not French.
Movie Trivia:
  • Peter Lorre was under contract to Columbia Pictures. He agreed to be loaned out to MGM for this film if Columbia would do a film version of Crime and Punishment (1935/I) with him in the role of Raskolnikov.
  • The close-ups of the wax statue are actually Frances Drake in makeup.
  • Easily recognized actors who are supposed to be in this movie according to studio records and/or casting call lists include Harold Huber, Isabel Jewell, George Davis, Billy Dooley and Leo White. However, they were not seen.
  • The Hays Office cautioned the studio about showing scenes of the dead, injured or dying after the train wreck. Some countries banned the film altogether, while others cut the scenes of torture, guillotining and strangulation.
  • The line "Each man kills the thing he loves" comes from Oscar Wilde's poem, "The Ballad of Reading Gaol".
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Hand, Pianist, Actress, Surgeon, Obsession  ...[more]

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