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Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933)
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Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933) In London, a sculptor of wax figures for a museum is horrified when his employer proposes setting fire to the unpopular museum in order to collect the insurance money. As the wax figures melt amid the blaze, the two men have a fight. After knocking out the sculptor, the owner leaves him to "perish" among the flames. Thirteen years later, the sculptor resurfaces in New york City for the launch of his own wax museum. The opening coincides with the sudden disappearance of some dead bodies from the city morgue. A determined reporter begins to suspect the deranged museum owner of stealing the corpses and using them for the wax figures in his exhibits.

Movie Tagline:
IS SHE WOMAN OR WAX??? Solve it -- if you dare!

Also Known As:
The Mystery of the Wax Museum

Title: Mystery Of The Wax Museum
Release Date: February 17, 1933
Runtime: 77 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.9
Buried.com Rating: 7.9 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With M

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Michael Curtiz

Lionel Atwill ...Ivan Igor
Fay Wray ...Charlotte Duncan
Glenda Farrell ...Florence Dempsey
Frank McHugh ...Jim
Allen Vincent ...Ralph Burton
Gavin Gordon ...George Winton
Edwin Maxwell ...Joe Worth
Holmes Herbert ...Dr. Rasmussen
Claude King ...Mr. Galatalin
Arthur Edmund Carewe ...Sparrow (Prof. Darcy)
Thomas E. Jackson ...Detective (as Thomas Jackson)
DeWitt Jennings ...Police captain
Matthew Betz ...Hugo (the deaf-mute)
Monica Bannister ...Joan Gale
Bull Anderson ...The janitor
Frank Austin ...Winton's Valet
Harry C. Bradley ...Reporter
Frank Darien ...Autopsy surgeon
William B. Davidson ...Detective
James Donlan ...Morgue attendant
Otto Hoffman ...One of Igor's assistants
Robert Homans ...Desk sergeant
Perry Ivins ...Copy editor
Edward Keane ...Doctor
Milton Kibbee ...Reporter
Margaret Mann ...Wax Figure of Queen Victoria
Robert Emmett O'Connor ...Joe (cop)
Pat O'Malley ...Plainclothesman
Walter Percival ...Winton's attorney
Lon Poff ...Tall Thin Henchman

» [more cast members]

Henry Blanke

Charles Belden
Don Mullaly
Carl Erickson

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"The Prisoner's Song"

More Movie Taglines:
  • IS SHE WOMAN OR WAX??? Solve it -- if you dare!
  • Warner Bros.' Supreme Thriller
  • Another Lovely Woman Vanished from the Earth!...Another Beauty Molded to His Desire!
  • You might as well know the truth as suspect it!---Here's every nerve-shattering fact laid before your startled eyes! The love riddle the police were afraid to solve brought under the lens of public scrutiny in a picture made behind bolted doors!
  • Images of wax that throbbed with human passion! Almost woman....what did they lack?
Movie Quote(s):
  • Florence: OK, brother, then you can go to some nice warm place, and I don't mean California.
  • Winton: I've only known you twenty-four hours, but I'm in love with you. Florence: Doesn't usually take that long.
  • Ivan Igor: My dear, why are you so pitifully afraid? Immortality has been the dream, the inspiration of mankind through the ages. And I am going to give you immortality!
  • Ivan Igor: I offer you immortality, my child. Think of it: in a thousand years you shall be as lovely as you are now!
  • Florence: I don't know WHAT he was, but he made Frankenstein look like a lily!
Movie Trivia:
  • The movie was believed to be lost until the late sixties.
  • Although the title had been changed to "Mystery of the Wax Museum", the leaders on the original release prints still gave the title as "Wax Museum".
  • This film was produced before the Production Code. When it was re-made only 20 years later, as House of Wax (1953), all references to drug use were removed and a character was changed from a junkie to an alcoholic.
  • The wax figures look like real people because they ARE real people. The original plan was to use actual wax figures, but they melted under the heat of the lights used at the time to film two-strip Technicolor.
IMDB Links:
» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

Reporter, Morgue, Corpse, Fire, Wax Museum  ...[more]

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