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Reel Zombies (2008)
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Reel Zombies (2008) Independent Zombie Film makers, Producer Mike Masters and Director David J. Francis, the team behind the commercially unsuccessful Zombie Night 1 and 2, have found the climate for Zombie movies has changed significantly after the "real" zombie invasion begins. Hedging on the fact that the Zombie mayhem that has taken a grip on the nation is only a temporary problem, the film makers realize that once normalcy has returned, demand for Zombie product (now outlawed) will be at an all time high. The filmmakers seize an opportunity to do something they were never able to before on their meager budgets, make a memorable zombie film. This time, however, through using real zombies, the film will have an authenticity and production value previously unattainable. They set about "bringing the gang back together" and assemble several key cast and crew members from their past productions (the ones that aren't already dead). With a full crew and a documentarian following them all the way, Masters and Francis embark on the production of their masterpiece. Film production at the best of time is wrought with peril, and for these intrepid film makers, it is no different this time around. From the challenges of safely shooting with and wrangling the hoards of untrained zombies to creative differences over what the film is ultimately to be about - the filmmakers face new challenges and production gets more precarious at every step. The entire process is documented, complete with interviews, behind the scenes footage of production meetings and shooting challenges, as the filmmakers struggle with cast and crew being eaten by their hungry zombie extras. A lack of resources to finish the film, and an increasingly high level of zombie activity cause them to reconsider their previous notion that "things will soon be back to normal." Despite it all, the filmmakers' resolve to finish the film at all costs leads them down some dangerous paths, and forcing them to make some difficult creative choices to keep the cameras rolling at all times. It's all the challenges of shooting a low budget zombie film, mixed with the perils of surviving in a Zombie infested world. Will they finish the film and get their long deserved accolades as pioneers in the Zombie film industry, or will the making of documentary be all that's left of their attempts to bring something innovative, fresh and devastatingly real to the screen?

Movie Tagline:
When the Dead rise. The cameras roll.

Title: Reel Zombies
Release Date: October 04, 2008
Runtime: 89 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: Canada
Colors: Color
IMDB Rating: 5.2
Buried.com Rating: 6.2 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With R

David J. Francis
Mike Masters

Mike Masters ...Himself
David J. Francis ...Himself
Stephen Papadimitriou ...Himself
Sam Hall ...Himself
Paul Fler ...Himself
Andrew Fruman ...Himself
Dan Rooney ...Himself / Basil
Mukesh Asopa ...Himself / Pascal
Stephannie Hawkins ...Rebecca.Shelley
Steve Curtis ...Himself / Keith
Lloyd Kaufman ...Himself
LeAnne Armano ...Voiceover
Tunji Ashobo ...Himself
Adam Bambanee ...Himself
Carl Bauer ...Jackson
Chris Bellio ...Himself
Royce Berry ...Zombie
Douglas Carson ...Zombie Wrangler 5
Kalyn Carter ...Shawna
Jennifer Chivers ...Voiceover
Nick Cowan ...Zombie Wrangler 6
Chris Crane ...Trevor Ramolo
Josh Cwintal ...Himself
Renson DeCastro ...Renson Collier
Robin DeKleine Stimpson ...Herself
Sharon DeWitt ...Herself
Jean Marc Fontaine ...Jean-Marc Mireau
Stan Hart ...Military Zombie
July Heri ...Herself
Heath Hudson ...Dale Simmons

» [more cast members]

LeAnne Armano
David J. Francis
Sam Hall
Mike Masters
Stephen Papadimitriou

Mike Masters

More Movie Taglines:
  • When the Dead rise. The cameras roll.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Andrew Fruman: Who are some of your influences? David J. Francis: You know, Dean Koontz. I mean, I read a couple books on screenwriting after I'd written my first script and it said you had to do this whole thing where you know you have like the lead up for the characters and development and I don't like to do that. I just like to sit down and first thing I do is I come up with a title for the movie. Like for Zombie Night 1, I just thought, hey, Zombie Night, that's a good title, so I wrote down the title. Andrew Fruman: Do you think maybe a bit of planning might help? David J. Francis: You can only plan so much, I mean, you gotta, if you wanna make a movie you make it. I mean you don't, you don't sit and talk about it and think about it. I mean, would Gone With the Wind have ever been made if all they did ever was talk about it. Maybe we should change this scene a little bit. Maybe, you know, maybe the kiss happens here. Andrew Fruman: Don't you think they did do that though?
  • David J. Francis: Well, no, that's fine, you let the actors, uh, you know interpret it any way they want. I, I'm fine with that. That, that's a better way to do it I think. You know, let them create their own characters. I don't want to create who they're going to be, I want to create an idea of who they're going to be.
  • Mike Masters: No, we didn't make a cool zombie. That *is* a cool zombie. That thing's for real. It will bite you. It will kill you.
  • Mike Masters: A lot of people die for art, and it's art. This times it's gonna be like... a lot of people died to make another shitty zombie movie.
  • Mike Masters: It's so funny, you start this kind of project off and you're like "it's gonna be so much better than the last one and we're gonna do all these things different" and you know what you can do them different, but you still do them equally bad. Like, we've just found new ways to make things shit.
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Zombie, Female Nudity, Gore, Black Brassiere, Mock Documentary  ...[more]

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