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Shivers (1975)
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Shivers (1975) In the fancy Starliner compound in an island near Montreal, a mad scientist tests a parasite in the body of his mistress. He believes that human is an animal that thinks too much, and he develops a parasite to increase the violence and sexual desire of humankind. There is an outbreak in the condominium, with the dwellers becoming fierce zombies of sex.

Movie Tagline:
T-E-R-R-O-R beyond the power of priest or science to exorcise.

Also Known As:
They Came from Within

Title: Shivers
Release Date: July 06, 1976
Runtime: 87 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: Canada
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.5
Buried.com Rating: 7.5 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With S

MPAA Rating: R

David Cronenberg

Paul Hampton ...Roger St. Luc
Joe Silver ...Rollo Linsky
Lynn Lowry ...Nurse Forsythe
Allan Kolman ...Nicholas Tudor (as Allan Migicovsky)
Susan Petrie ...Janine Tudor
Barbara Steele ...Betts
Ronald Mlodzik ...Merrick
Barry Baldaro ...Detective Heller (as Barry Boldero)
Camil Ducharme ...Mr. Guilbault
Hanka Posnanska ...Mrs. Guilbault
Wally Martin ...Doorman
Vlasta Vrana ...Kresimer Sviben
Silvie Debois ...Benda Sviben
Charles Perley ...Delivery Boy
Al Rochman ...Parkins
Julie Wildman ...Miss Lewis
Arthur Grosser ...Mr. Wolfe
Edith Johnson ...Olive
Dorothy Davis ...Vi
Joy Coghill ...Mona Wheatley
Joan Blackman ...Elevator Mother
Kirsten Bishop ...Elevator Daughter (as Kirsten Bishopric)
Fred Doederlein ...Emil Hobbes
Sonny Forbes ...Garbage Room Man
Nora Johnson ...Laundry Woman
Cathy Graham ...Annabelle
Robert Brennen ...Boy
Felicia Shulman ...Girl
Roy Wittan ...Bearded Man (as Roy Whittan)
Denis Payne ...First Elevator Man

» [more cast members]

Don Carmody
John Dunning
Andre Link
Alfred Pariser
Ivan Reitman
Peter James

David Cronenberg

Shivers Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • T-E-R-R-O-R beyond the power of priest or science to exorcise.
  • Going MAD is just the beginning...
Movie Quote(s):
  • Forsythe: He tells me that even old flesh is erotic flesh, that disease is the love of two alien kinds of creatures for each other, that even dying is an act of eroticism.
  • Forsythe: Roger, I had a very disturbing dream last night. In this dream I found myself making love to a strange man. Only I'm having trouble you see, because he's old... and dying... and he smells bad, and I find him repulsive. But then he tells me that everything is erotic, that everything is sexual. You know what I mean? He tells me that even old flesh is erotic flesh. That disease is the love of two alien kinds of creatures for each other. That even dying is an act of eroticism. That talking is sexual. That breathing is sexual. That even to physically exist is sexual. And I believe him, and we make love beautifully.
  • [Last lines] [Radio programme tune] Radio News Reporter: The time is 5.26 a.m. This is Gerald Keys with the Media Sculp sunrise news bulletin. There is still no confirmation by Montreal city police concerning alleged reports of a city wide plague of violent sexual assaults. The assaults, believed to have originated in the vicinity of Starliner Island, began late last night, and have spread with increasing frequency this morning. Reports of the attacks have been termed irresponsible and hysterical, by a Montreal city police spokesman. Stay tuned on further details, on Media Sculp news at 6.00.
  • Bearded man: Have you met my daughter, Erica? She's a very beautiful girl. Come here, Erica. I just know you'll like my daughter, Erica.
Movie Trivia:
  • According to Lynn Lowry, the shoulder that Nurse Forsythe stabs with the fork is actually that of David Cronenberg. A pad was inserted under Cronenberg's shirt for Lowry to stab, but, unfortunately, she missed and hit Cronenberg's real shoulder instead.
  • Susan Petrie was unable to cry, so David Cronenberg used onions to help her produce tears. This worked, but the camera was out of focus when the scene was shot, and because Cronenberg was out of onions, Petrie gave her consent to let him to slap her on the face. He did so until her face was numb from all the takes. He finally settled for a series of takes he found to be less than satisfactory.
  • Canadian journalist Robert Fulford attacked the content of "Shivers" in the pages of the national magazine "Saturday Night." Since Cronenberg's film was partially financed by the taxpayer-funded National Film Board of Canada (or NFB), Fulford headlined the article "You Should Know How Bad this Movie Is: You Paid for It." Not only did this high-profile attack make it more difficult for Cronenberg to obtain funding for his subsequent movies, Cronenberg later said that Fulford's attack also resulted in him being kicked out of his Toronto apartment.
  • This film was shot in fifteen days.
  • David Cronenberg cast Lynn Lowry as Nurse Forsythe because of her haunting eyes and strange screen presence.
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