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Takbo... Talon... Tili!!! (1992)
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Takbo... Talon... Tili!!! (1992) Episode 1: Mahiwagang Banga Decapitated, murdered and buried in the jar, the witch doctor promised to come back and seek revenge. 100 years later, the jar arrived in a family who faces impending separation as the wife wishes to leave her husband. Every time the monster in the jar kills each member of the household, the decapitated body of the monster is fast recomposing. Episode 2: Ang Lalaki sa Salamin Debora longingly believes that at midnight she will see the face of her future husband in a 100 year old mirror. Curious, she chants to a mirror and see Fidel. Fidel was cursed and trapped in the mirror by the witch whose daughter committed suicide because of Fidel's infidelity (or so it seems...). He can temporarily come out in the mirror if a girl who is honestly in love kisses him. The curse will only be lifted permanently if Fidel gives his life to someone for love. But the witch devices schemes to prevent this from happening. Episode 3: Mga Laruan ni Kiko, Tito and Toto Kiko, Tito and Toto were trapped in the mall after it closed for the night. Here, Michelle, the mannequin, and Toy Guardians come alive. One of the Toy Guardians told Tito and Toto that they were guarding the magic clock that if it is turned to a wrong time, bad toys will come alive and will forever live if they are exposed to the sun. Upon hearing this by the Thief, who hid himself in the fridge at the appliance section to steal after the mall closed for the night, he took it upon himself to change the magic clock to the wrong time. Bad toys come alive and vow allegiance to the Thief. Through the initiative of the Thief, he plans to conquer the earth with the help of bad toys. Kiko, Tito, Toto, Michelle and the Toy Guardians will do everything to stop them.

Title: Takbo... Talon... Tili!!!
Release Date: , 1992
Genre: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
Languages: Filipino, Tagalog
Country: Philippines
Colors: Color
IMDB Rating: 0.0
Buried.com Rating: 1 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With T

Efren Jarlego

Rina Reyes ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Rey 'PJ' Abellana ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Delia Razon ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Sammy Lagmay ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Jinky Oda ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Ernie David ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Mary Walter ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Ai Ai de las Alas ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga) (as Ai Ai Delas Alas)
Maya Dela Cuesta ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Flora Gasser ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Isabel Navarro ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Gody Pacrem ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Joel Adesas ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Jojo Acuin ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Tin Tin Patelo ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Harold Cordero ...(segment Mahiwagang Banga)
Sheryl Cruz ...Debora (segment Ang Lalaki sa Salamin)
Romnick Sarmenta ...Fidel (segment Ang Lalaki sa Salamin)
Sylvia Sanchez ......
Evelyn Vargas ...Bebang (segment Ang Lalaki sa Salamin)
Luz Fernandez ...Tiya (segment Ang Lalaki sa Salamin)
Nonong de Andres ......
Lucy Quinto ...Teacher (segment Ang Lalaki sa Salamin)
Caselyn Francisco ...Debora's Friend (segment Ang Lalaki sa Salamin)
Chinggay Riego ...Debora's Friend (segment Ang Lalaki sa Salamin)
Rene Requiestas ...Kiko (segment Mga Laruan nina Kiko Tito at Toto)
Rita Avila ...Michelle (segment Mga Laruan nina Kiko Tito at...
Raymond Gutierrez ...Toto (segment Mga Laruan nina Kiko Tito at Toto)
Richard Gutierrez ...Tito (segment Mga Laruan nina Kiko Tito at Toto)
Rez Cortez ...The Thief (segment Mga Laruan nina Kiko Tito...

» [more cast members]

Robbie Tan

Ricardo Lee
Jose Bartolome

Nonong Buencamino

Movie Quote(s):
  • Debora: Salamin, Salamin... Salamin sa dilim... Mukha ng makakapalad... Ipakita sa akin...
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Toys, Mirror, Jar, Witch, Mall  ...[more]

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