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The Andromeda Strain (1971)
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The Andromeda Strain (1971) When the capsule of the Scoop Mission returns to Earth and lands in the small town of Piedmont, it brings a mutant living being and all the population, except a crying baby and an old man with ulcer, dies with clotted blood. A team of five scientists - the leader Dr. Jeremy Stone, Dr. Charles Dutton, Dr. Mark Hall, Dr. Ruth Leavitt and Dr. Kirkie - are summoned and gathered together in the top secret Wildfire facility. Fighting against time, they try to understand the reason why the old man and the baby survived and research an antidote to Andromeda, the ultimate biological weapon.

Movie Tagline:
The picture runs 130 minutes!... The story covers 96 of the most critical hours in man's history!... The suspense will last through your lifetime!

Title: Andromeda Strain, The
Release Date: March 12, 1971
Runtime: 131 mins
Genre: Mystery
All Genres: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: 4-Track Stereo, 70 mm 6-Track
IMDB Rating: 7.3
Buried.com Rating: 8.3 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With A

MPAA Rating: G

Robert Wise

Arthur Hill ...Dr. Jeremy Stone
David Wayne ...Dr. Charles Dutton
James Olson ...Dr. Mark Hall
Kate Reid ...Dr. Ruth Leavitt
Paula Kelly ...Karen Anson
George Mitchell ...Jackson
Ramon Bieri ...Major Manchek
Peter Hobbs ...General Sparks
Kermit Murdock ...Dr. Robertson
Richard O'Brien ...Grimes
Eric Christmas ...Senator from Vermont
Mark Jenkins ...Lt. Shawn (Piedmont team)
Peter Helm ...Sgt. Crane (Piedmont team)
Joe Di Reda ...Wildfire Computer Sgt. Burk (as Joe DiReda)
Carl Reindel ...Lt. Comroe
Ken Swofford ...Toby (technician)
Frances Reid ...Clara Dutton
Richard Bull ...Air Force major
John Carter ...MP Capt. Morton
Paul Ballantyne ...Hospital director
Ivor Barry ...Murray
Joe Billings ...Scientist
Michael Bow ...MP at Stone's
Walter Brooke ...Assistant to Cabinet Secretary
Susan Brown ...Allison Stone
Jan Burrell ...Mother (Piedmont)
Dee Carroll ...Technician
Duke Cigrang ...Father (Piedmont)
Michael Crichton ...Bearded surgeon
Lisa Daniels ...Woman

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Robert Wise

Michael Crichton
Nelson Gidding

Gil Melle

The Andromeda Strain Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • The picture runs 130 minutes!... The story covers 96 of the most critical hours in man's history!... The suspense will last through your lifetime!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Capt. Morton: [code phrase] There's a fire, sir.
  • [last lines] Senator from Vermont: You're absolutely sure it worked? You'd better be! Dr. Jeremy Stone: All reports continue to indicate that the experiment was successful, Senator. Senator from Vermont: Then we can feel confident your so-called "biological crisis" is over? Dr. Jeremy Stone: As far as Andromeda is concerned, yes. We have the organism at Wildfire, and we continue to study it. We know now beyond a doubt that other forms of life exist in the universe. Senator from Vermont: Thanks to Scoop? Dr. Jeremy Stone: Yes. [pause] Dr. Jeremy Stone: However, with this new knowledge, there is no guarantee that another so-called "biological crisis" won't occur again. Senator from Vermont: Hmm. What do we do about that? Dr. Jeremy Stone: Precisely, Senator. What do we do?
  • Dr. Jeremy Stone: According to this, there'll be a super-colony of Andromeda over the entire southwest in... Dr. Charles Dutton: Jeremy! These are biological *warfare* maps! Dr. Jeremy Stone: Why, yes... so they are... uh... but... simulations, Charlie. Defensive... it's just a scenario. Dr. Ruth Leavitt: That's not the POINT, for God's sake! Wildfire was built for germ warfare! Wildfire AND Scoop! And you knew, Stone! YOU KNEW IT! Dr. Jeremy Stone: That's not true, Ruth! I learned about Scoop the same time you did! Dr. Charles Dutton: They already have Andromeda programmed! The purpose of Scoop was to find new biological weapons in outer space, and then use Wildfire to develop them! Dr. Ruth Leavitt: It STINKS, Stone! Dr. Jeremy Stone: You're blowing your tops! We have no proof... Dr. Charles Dutton: The MAP! Dr. Jeremy Stone: DON'T BE AN ASS! That map only shows what Andromeda *could* do in the hands of an enemy! Dr. Charles Dutton: Enemy? We did it to OURSELVES!
  • Dr. Mark Hall: Most of them died instantly. A few had time to go quietly nuts.
  • Dr. Jeremy Stone: When the bomb goes off there'll be a thousand mutations! Andromeda will spread everywhere! They'll never be rid of it!
Movie Trivia:
  • The germ from space cost $250,000 to create in special effects.
  • The Wildfire scientific lab sets cost more than $300,000 to build, and were described at the time as "one of the most elaborately detailed interiors ever built."
  • The Central Core set required the digging of a 70 ft deep by 30 ft wide hole in a soundstage.
  • In the novel, the character of Leavitt is a man, but is a woman (played by Kate Reid) in the film.
  • Michael Crichton wrote the rough draft for the novel from which this film is adapted while he was still a medical student. He was inspired after a conversation with one of his teachers about the concept of crystal-based life-forms.
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