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The Brother From Another Planet (1984)
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The Brother From Another Planet (1984) A slave from outer space escapes to earth. Except for his three-toed feet, he looks like an ordinary young black man. He crash-lands on Ellis Island, appropriately enough, and ends up in Harlem. There he makes friends with the owner and the regulars of a bar. Because he can fix any machine (by simply touching it), he's able to make money. He's mute, which proves more of an advantage than a disadvantage. And he can heal himself and others with nothing but his hands. His real troubles begin when two extraterrestrial bounty hunters attempt to recapture him and bring him back to where he came from.

Movie Tagline:
Welcome to a world of crude beauty... of danger and excitement... of wonders, legend, and imagination... Welcome to Harlem, Brother.

Title: Brother From Another Planet, The
Release Date: September 07, 1984
Runtime: 108 mins
Genre: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Languages: English, Spanish
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.8
Buried.com Rating: 7.8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With B

MPAA Rating: R

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated R for language, some drug content and brief nudity.

John Sayles

Joe Morton ...The Brother
Rosanna Carter ...West Indian Woman
Ray Ramirez ...Hispanic Man
yves Rene ...Haitian Man
Peter Richardson ...Islamic Man
Ginny yang ...Korean Shopkeeper
Daryl Edwards ...Fly
Steve James ...Odell
Leonard Jackson ...Smokey
Bill Cobbs ...Walter
Maggie Renzi ...Noreen
Olga Merediz ...Noreen's Client
Tom Wright ...Sam
Minnie Gentry ...Mrs. Brown
Ren Woods ...Bernice
Reggie Rock Bythewood ...Rickey
Alvin Alexis ...Willis
Caroline Aaron ...Randy Sue Carter
Herbert Newsome ...Little Earl
John Sayles ...Man In Black
David Strathairn ...Man In Black
Rosetta LeNoire ...Mama
Michael Mantell ...Mr. Love (as Michael Albert Mantel)
Jaime Tirelli ...Hector
Liane Alexandra Curtis ...Ace (as Liane Curtis)
Fisher Stevens ...Card trickster
Charles Mitchell ...Ed (as Chip Mitchell)
David Babcock ...Phil
Randy Frazier ...Bouncer
Dee Dee Bridgewater ...Malverne Davis

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Peggy Rajski
Maggie Renzi

John Sayles

Martin Brody
Mason Daring

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"El Calle"
"You Can't Get to Heaven from Here"
"Burning My Heart Out"
"Two People in the World"
"Boss of the Block"
"Pussy I Cocky I Water"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Welcome to a world of crude beauty... of danger and excitement... of wonders, legend, and imagination... Welcome to Harlem, Brother.
  • He's not just another out-of-towner.
  • This illegal alien chose the New York streets over the men in black.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Fly: (about Harlem) I'd rather be a cockroach on a baseboard up here than the Emperor of Mississippi.
  • Card Trickster: I have another magic trick for you. Wanna see me make all the white people disappear? Subway Public Address Announcer: Fifty-Ninth Street, Columbus Circle; 125th Street next. This an Uptown A Express going to 207. Change for the AA local across the platform, the D, or the upper level, change for the number 1 Broadway trains. Card Trickster: See, what'd I tell ya? Subway Public Address Announcer: Uptown A, 125th street, next.
  • Man In Black: [sitting at the bar] Beer. Odell: What kind? Man In Black: Draft. Man In Black: On the rocks.
  • Sam: [talking about The Brother] What am I supposed to do? Fly: You the city, Sam. Figure out where to put him. Sam: Men's shelter. Smokey: Too smelly. Sam: Okay. The Hilton. You got the tab? Smokey: What they pay you for? Sam: I just make phone calls. You want him out, you could call the cops. Fly: Cops? Oh, man. Smokey: He knew the death seat when he sat down on it. Sam: It's not like I got to drum up more business for the city, you know?
  • Man In Black: [putting money on the bar after the Men in Black drink their two beers] Keep the change, sport. Odell: [crossing arms, looking exasperated] That's two dollars, man. Man In Black: [putting more money on the bar] We'll be back.
Movie Trivia:
  • John Sayles stated that in choosing the steel drum for the music on this movie, with its unusual and technological, yet still organic, quality, he was partly influenced by the zither music from Carol Reed's The Third Man (1949).
  • The "Men In Black" are named Uno (played by John Sayles) and Dos (played by David Strathairn). Although they are not named in the film or end credits, the names were revealed in a photo caption on page 39 of Starlog magazine (#86, September 1984) as part of an interview with director Sayles.
  • The entrance and exit scenes of the Men in Black's first appearance in the bar were filmed entirely in reverse with the camera upside down, according to director Sayles' commentary on the restored print. The two men started on the bar stools, then backed out of the room for the entrance; while the exit was filmed with the two outside the bar and backing into it, including Strathairn replacing the cookies in the cookie bowl.
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» More information at imdb.com

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