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The Driller Killer (1979)
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The Driller Killer (1979) In New york, the painter Reno Miller (Abel Ferrara) shares a loft with his girlfriend Carol (Carolyn Marz), who left her husband Stephen, and their roommate Pamela (Baybi Day). Reno is having difficulties to pay his bills, while is obsessed painting his masterpiece, a buffalo with a hypnotic eye. When a punk band moves to his building playing day and night, Reno cannot sleep and drives insane, going to the streets with a driller, killing homeless derelicts. When the art dealer calls his painting a mockery, and Carol returns to her husband, leaving him alone, Reno goes totally mad.

Movie Tagline:
It will shatter you!

Title: Driller Killer, The
Release Date: June 15, 1979
Runtime: 96 mins
Genre: Crime
All Genres: Crime, Horror, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 4.7
Buried.com Rating: 5.7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With D

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Abel Ferrara

Abel Ferrara ...Reno Miller (as Jimmy Laine)
Carolyn Marz ...Carol Slaughter
Baybi Day ...Pamela
Harry Schultz ...Dalton Briggs
Alan Wynroth ...Al the Landlord
Maria Helhoski ...The Nun
James O'Hara ...Man in Church
Richard Howorth ...Stephen - Carol's Husband
Louis Mascolo ...Knife Victim
Tommy Santora ...Attacker
Rita Gooding ...TV Spot
Chuck Saaf ...TV Spot
Gary Cohen ...Voice-over (voice)
Janet Dailey ...Girl at Audition
Joyce Finney ...Girl at Audition
Butch Morris ...Sidewalk Begger
Paul Fitze ...Kid on Street
John Fitze ...Kid on Street
Karl Metner ...Kid on Street
Chris Amato ...Kid on Street
Rich Bokun ...Kid on Street
Michael Canosa ...Kid on Street
Greg Schirrira ...Kid on Street
Thomas Baeza ...Kid on Street
Frank Hazard ...Man Waiting for Bus
John Paul McIntyre ...Man Waiting for Bus (as Jack MacIntyre)
John Coulakis ...Hallway Derelict
Lanny Taylor ...Rooftop Derelict
Peter yellen ...Bus Stop Derelict
Steve Cox ...Empire State Derelict

» [more cast members]

D.A. Metrov
Rochelle Weisberg

Nicholas St. John

Joe Delia

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Grand Street Stomp"

More Movie Taglines:
  • It will shatter you!
  • The Blood Runs In Rivers... And The Drill Keeps Tearing Through Flesh And Bone
  • There are those who kill violently!
Movie Quote(s):
  • [Reno opens an envelope for the energy bill] Reno Miller: Holy Christ! What is this? They send us the bill to Madison Square Garden? What are they kidding me, man? How the hell are we supposed to pay this bill? What is this? The bill for three months? Carol: That's the bill for one month. Reno Miller: Christ, what have we got here? A refrigerator, a couple of lights? [opens another envelope] Reno Miller: Let's see here, telephone. Oh no! Houston, Texas? Pamela: My mother. Reno Miller: Look at this, L.A. $1.50... $2.75... $7.50. Carol: Yeah, they're mine. Reno Miller: You talked to L.A. one time for two hours and 10 minutes? What are you, out of your mind? Are you crazy? What's this? Philadelphia? Pamela: My sister. Reno Miller: Miami? Carol: That's mine. Reno Miller: Trenton, New Jersey... Queens... wait, isn't Queens a local call?
  • Reno Miller: Look, I can't even think with these guys playing that music in the place below mine. It's like they play all day and all night. They don't quit for a minute. Hell, they don't even stop to go to the bathroom! Landlord: It's not my problem. It's your problem. Reno Miller: What do you mean it's my problem? You're the super around here. It's your job to keep this place quiet. Landlord: My job? It's not my job. Besides, they don't bother me. Reno Miller: What do you mean? Why should they bother you? Look what the hell you're doing, fixing spark plugs. Nighttime comes you just sit around your place drinking a few beers, watching TV. Me, I've gotta work. I've got a painting due. I can't work with those guys playing that loud music. Landlord: Look, I can work. But I'm not gonna say anything to them because they don't bother me. Reno Miller: Hey, I'm not kidding here. You either tell those cats to keep it quiet, get rid of them, or I'm not paying the rent! Landlord: What do you mean you won't pay the rent? Buddy, you don't pay the rent anyway! That's why you bother me all the time, and they don't.
  • Pamela: Hey, while I was in the pizza parlor, this creepy old man came up to me and said, "sweetie, you don't have to kiss to make babies." So, I waited until it was about time to leave with the pizza, so I walked right up to him and said out loud, "I know, but you still gotta fuck!"
  • [Tony Coca-Cola is looking at Reno's artwork] Tony Coca-Cola: This is a whacked out thing, man. You into rock and roll head trips, baby? Posters? Portraits? I mean... how do you do this, man? How's it done, brother? Reno Miller: How is what done? Tony Coca-Cola: I mean... if someone needed something special, can you do it? Reno Miller: What are you talking about? Tony Coca-Cola: I need something special. Like this... of me. Can you do that? Reno Miller: You want to know if I can do you a painting. If I can paint a portrait of you? Sure, I can do you a portrait. But it's gonna cost you... 500 bucks. Tony Coca-Cola: [grumbles] Four-twenty. [Reno glares ominously at Tony] Tony Coca-Cola: [sighs] Okay, okay, fine! Five-hundred. But I need it right away. I need it now. When can we start?
Movie Trivia:
  • Abel Ferrara claims that half of this movie was shot in 1978 and the other half was shot in 1979. This explains why the actors hair styles and looks in general change quite frequently during the movie.
  • Title is mentioned in the song "Nasty" by The Damned - a song about horror movies that were banned in the U.K. after the Video Recording Act of 1984.
  • Abel Ferrara claims that the guy cleaning the Taxi cab windscreen near the beginning of the film was Bruce Willis.
  • Could have easily escaped the UK 'video nasty' list if the original pre-VRA video cover wasn't so graphic. it featured a very bloody close-up of a drill boring into a man's head with lots of blood. The video cover was featured in video catalogues and received many complaints.
  • James O'Hara's final film.
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