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The Fog (2005)
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The Fog (2005) Exactly one hundred years ago, off the rocky shore of an isolated Northern California town, a ship of lepers seeking refuge was betrayed by the town's founding fathers and burned, dooming everyone aboard. Now, tonight, the ghosts of the long-dead mariners have returned from their watery graves to exact revenge. Shrouded within a supernatural fog, the ghosts trap the residents of the remote community, intent on seeking out the descendants of those who founded the town...and killing anyone who stands in their murderous path.

Movie Tagline:
From The Makers Of "Halloween"

Title: Fog, The
Release Date: October 14, 2005
Runtime: 100 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Languages: English
Country: Canada, USA, France
Colors: Color
Sound: DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS
IMDB Rating: 3.3
Buried.com Rating: 4.3 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With F

MPAA Rating: PG-13

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated PG-13 for violence, disturbing images and brief sexuality.

Rupert Wainwright

Tom Welling ...Nick Castle
Maggie Grace ...Elizabeth Williams
Selma Blair ...Stevie Wayne
DeRay Davis ...Spooner
Kenneth Welsh ...Tom Malone
Adrian Hough ...Father Malone
Sara Botsford ...Kathy Williams
Cole Heppell ...Andy Wayne
Mary Black ...Aunt Connie
Jonathon young ...Dan The Weatherman
R. Nelson Brown ...Machen (as Rnelsonbrown)
Christian Bocher ...Founding Father Patrick Malone
Douglas Arthurs ...Founding Father David Williams (as Douglas H....
yves Cameron ...Founding Father Richard Wayne
Charles Andre ...Founding Father Norman Castle (as Charles Andre)
Rade Serbedzija ...Captain William Blake (as Rade Sherbedgia)
Matthew Currie Holmes ...Sean Castle
Sonja Bennett ...Mandi
Meghan Heffern ...Brandi / Jennifer
Alex Bruhanski ...Uncle Hank
Dan Shea ...Fisherman
Rick Pearce ...Fisherman
Robert Harper ...Mr. Latham
Eric Breker ...Sheriff's Deputy
Caley Honeywell ...EMT
Stefan Arngrim ...Blake's Compadre
Steven Cree Molison ...Local Fisherman
Bonnie Panych ...Fisherman's Wife
Sherri McLean ...Grieving Woman
Xantha Radley ...Mother In Hold

» [more cast members]

John Carpenter
Randi Chernov
Derek Dauchy
David Foster
Todd Garner
Debra Hill
Dan Kolsrud
Shane Riches

Cooper Layne
John Carpenter
Debra Hill

Graeme Revell

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Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Salome's Wish"
"Sugar, We're Goin' Down"
"Feels Just Like It Should"
"Take Off Your Clothes"
"What Died"

More Movie Taglines:
  • From The Makers Of "Halloween"
  • Their PAST Has Come Back To HAUNT THEM
Movie Quote(s):
  • Stevie Wayne: Now, what kind of fog moves against the wind?
  • [repeated line] Captain Blake: Elizabeth...
  • Father Malone: So now you know. Elizabeth Williams: That our forefathers murdered every man, woman and child on the Elizabeth Dane? And this town was built on nothing but lies? Father Malone: And now they've come for revenge.
  • Father Malone: We're the children of murderers. All of us. Wayne, Castle, Williams, Malone... Kathy Williams: But we haven't done anything. Spooner: Yeah, keep my father out of this. We from Chicago.
  • Tom Malone: [to Nick] You tell your pal, when he thaws out he better have a damn good story.
Movie Trivia:
  • Fergie (vocalist Stacy Ferguson of The Black Eyed Peas) was attached to play Stevie Wayne before a last minute conflict prevented her contract from closing.
  • During early development, Julia Stiles expressed interest in the role of Elizabeth. The screenplay was subsequently tailored, the character matured, and the role expanded. When Stiles did not come aboard, Maggie Grace was immediately cast, and the character of Elizabeth was rewritten to be younger and more innocent than in previous drafts.
  • The film was green lit by Revolution Studios before the script was written.
  • Debra Hill died shortly before filming began.
  • Before Tom Welling was cast, actors considered for Nick Castle included David Boreanaz, Jesse Metcalfe, Matthew Davis, Henry Cavill, Adam Garcia, Michael Cassidy, Oliver Hudson, and Peter Facinelli. 'Matthew Fox' and Ben McKenzie, were also considered for the role and met with the director, but due to conflicting television schedules they did not read for producers.
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» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

Island, Fog, Ghost, Revenge, Leper  ...[more]

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