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The Food Of The Gods (1976)
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The Food Of The Gods (1976) Morgan and his friends are on a hunting trip on a remote Canadian island when they are attacked by a swarm of giant wasps. Looking for help, Morgan stumbles across a barn inhabited by an enormous killer chicken. After doing some exploring, they discover the entire island is crawling with animals that have somehow grown to giant size. The most dangerous of all of these, however, are the rats, who are mobilizing to do battle with the human intruders.

Movie Tagline:
One Taste Is All It Takes!

Title: Food Of The Gods, The
Release Date: June 18, 1976
Runtime: 88 mins
Genre: Sci-Fi
All Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 3.3
Buried.com Rating: 4.3 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With F

MPAA Rating: PG

Bert I. Gordon

Marjoe Gortner ...Morgan
Pamela Franklin ...Lorna
Ralph Meeker ...Bensington
Jon Cypher ...Brian
Ida Lupino ...Mrs. Skinner
John McLiam ...Mr. Skinner
Belinda Balaski ...Rita
Tom Stovall ...Thomas
Chuck Courtney ...Davis
Reg Tunnicliffe ...Ferry Attendant

Samuel Z. Arkoff
Bert I. Gordon

H.G. Wells
Bert I. Gordon

Elliot Kaplan

More Movie Taglines:
  • One Taste Is All It Takes!
  • Welcome to the Bottom of the Food Chain!
  • H.G. the master of science fiction, tells his most frightening story...
Movie Quote(s):
  • Morgan: [narrating] My name is Morgan and I play football. We'd worked our butts off tryin' to get it together for the big Sunday game, so the coach told us to knock it off and relax for a few days. One of my teammates, Davis, came up with the idea that we head out to the island. He went ahead to make the arrangements. I talked our PR man Brian into coming along. I felt the day off would do him some good, too. It'll be great to be in the country again and enjoy some of the open spaces Man hasn't screwed up with his technology. My father used to say, "Morgan, one of these days the Earth will get even with Man for messing her up with his garbage. Just let Man continue to pollute the Earth the way he is and nature will rebel. It's gonna be one hell of a rebellion." 'Course, I never took 'im seriously, but I still remember the way he looked at me when he said, "You'll never know when and where it's gonna happen. And once it starts, you'll never know how and when it'll stop." It's funny how my father's prediction comes to mind when I go to the country, like today.
  • Morgan: When I swear out charges with the district attorney, I'll know who to name. Jack Bensington: What the hell are you talkin' about? Morgan: Second-degree murder, I guess that's what they'll call it. My friend was killed by your wasps yesterday afternoon. Jack Bensington: They're not my wasps! Morgan: Well if you own the stuff that made them grow, I guess you're liable for whatever they do.
  • Mrs. Skinner: Until Mr. Skinner comes home and says he wants you to have our food, Mr. Bensington, nobody owns nothin' but us. The good Lord give it to us to do as we please. Morgan: [to Bensington] Well, it would appear that you just move back three spaces and lose a turn.
  • Jack Bensington: You know about the food the Skinners have up here? Morgan: Yeah, a little. Jack Bensington: Well, I can tell you right now if you're entertaining any intention of becoming involved, you're too late. My company controls all rights. Morgan: Well then maybe it's not Mr. Skinner I want to see after all, is it?
  • Mr. Skinner: Anything happen today, sir? Ferry Attendant: Happen? Mr. Skinner: Like unusual. Ferry Attendant: Well, a man was killed stag hunting on one of the islands. Fell off his horse. You mean unusual like that? Mr. Skinner: Not exactly. Ferry Attendant: I saw the body. His two friends brought him across. All swollen and ugly. You know what I mean? Mr. Skinner: I don't suppose his friends said anything about... seeing some big things? Did they? Anything of that sort, sir?
Movie Trivia:
  • Oversized reproductions of worms, chickens, wasps and rats were used to create the gigantic creature effect. Six different mechanized rat heads and four human-motivated rat costumes were also employed.
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Island, Wasp, Rat, Giant Chicken, Giant Insect  ...[more]

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