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The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
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The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) While out on the ocean with his wife, Scott Carey's boat drifts through a strange mist that leave a metallic residue covering his body. He thinks nothing of it at the time but within a few weeks he begins to notice that he is losing weight. A visit to the doctor also confirms that he is getting shorter. As he gets smaller and smaller, doctors determine that his exposure to insecticides followed by what must have been a radioactive mist has caused a genetic mutation. The manage to stop his reversal, but only temporarily. Eventually, he is small to the point where encounters with the household cat and later a spider become potentially deadly situations.

Movie Tagline:
Almost beyond the imagination . . . A strange adventure into the unknown ! [UK Theatrical]

Title: Incredible Shrinking Man, The
Release Date: February 22, 1957
Runtime: 81 mins
Genre: Sci-Fi
All Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.7
Buried.com Rating: 8.7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With I

MPAA Rating: Passed

Jack Arnold

Grant Williams ...Scott Carey
Randy Stuart ...Louise Carey
April Kent ...Clarice
Paul Langton ...Charlie Carey
Raymond Bailey ...Doctor Thomas Silver
William Schallert ...Doctor Arthur Bramson
Frank J. Scannell ...Barker (as Frank Scannell)
Helene Marshall ...Nurse
Diana Darrin ...Nurse
Billy Curtis ...Midget
Lock Martin ...Giant (scenes deleted)
John Hiestand ...KIRL TV newscaster
Joe La Barba ...Joe (milkman)
Orangey ...Butch the Cat
Regis Parton ...Bit part
Luce Potter ...Violet

Albert Zugsmith

Richard Matheson
Richard Matheson
Richard Alan Simmons

Irving Gertz
Earl E. Lawrence
Hans J. Salter
Herman Stein

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"The Incredible Shrinking Man Theme"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Almost beyond the imagination . . . A strange adventure into the unknown ! [UK Theatrical]
  • Victim of weird mist ! Day by day he shrinks! Science is baffled! Cat becomes monster! Terror at every turn! Deadly spider attacks! Lost in a flood's fury!
  • A fascinating adventure into the unknown!
  • The Most _Incredible_ Story
  • Ever!
  • Hour by hour he gets smaller
  • and _smaller_!
  • Moment by moment the terror mounts!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Scott Carey: I felt puny and absurd, a ludicrous midget. Easy enough to talk of soul and spirit and existential worth, but not when you're three feet tall. I loathed myself, our home, the caricature my life with Lou had become. I had to get out. I had to get away.
  • Clarice: Maybe the best way to begin is to start thinking about the future. Scott Carey: A future? In a world of giants? Clarice: Hmm. I've lived with them all my life. Oh, Scott, for people like you and me the world can be a wonderful place. The sky is as blue as it is for the giants. The friends are as warm. Scott Carey: I wish I could believe that. Clarice: You've got to believe that, don't you?
  • Scott Carey: The cellar stretched before me like some vast primeval plain, empty of life, littered with the relics of a vanished race. No desert island castaway ever faced so bleak a prospect.
  • Scott Carey: A strange calm possessed me. I thought more clearly than I had ever thought before - as if my mind were bathed in a brilliant light. I recognized that part of my illness was rooted in hunger, and I remembered the food on the shelf, the cake thredded with spider web. I no longer felt hatred for the spider. Like myself it struggled blindly for the means to live.
  • Scott Carey: My prison, almost as far as I could see, a gray friendless area of space and time, and I resolved that as man had dominated the world of the sun, so I would dominate my world.
Movie Trivia:
  • Orson Welles did the narration for the trailer for this film. He was at Universal working on Touch of Evil (1958)
  • The special effects technicians were able to create giant drops of water by filling up condoms and dropping them.
  • Richard Matheson had originally written a screenplay for the sequel called The Fantastic Shrinking Girl in which Louise Carey begins to shrink herself. Universal had planned to produce it but the project was eventually scrapped.
  • Scott Carey's cat was played by feline actor Orangey, according to the book "Hollywood Cats".
  • When Louise is on the telephone, asking the operator for a new unlisted number, the radio is on and the music playing on the radio is the theme song to Written on the Wind (1956), which was made at Universal the year before this film, and also featured Grant Williams.
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Cat, Insecticide, Spider, Cellar, Giant Spider  ...[more]

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