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The Phantom Empire (1935)
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The Phantom Empire (1935) CHAP. 1 SINGING COWBOy: Professor Beetson and his associates arrive at Gene's Radio Ranch looking for a buried city and a fortune in radium. When Gene helps them look for the secret entrance to Murania located 25,000 feet below Radio Ranch, the Muranian Queen sends her men to kill Gene. CHAP. 2 THUNDER RIDERS: Wanting everyone off Radio Ranch so they can investigate in private, Beetson frames Gene for murder. CHAP. 3 LIGHTNING CHAMBER: In Murania Lord Argo is planning a revolution while on the surface Gene flees from the Sheriff in a car without brakes. CHAP. 4 PHANTOM BRAODCAST: Still fleeing from the Sheriff Gene must make his radio broadcast or lose his contract and the ranch. CHAP. 5 BENEATH THE EARTH: Switching clothes with a Muranian, Gene is taken to the underground empire where the Queen sentences him to die. CHAP. 6 DISASTER FROM THE SKy: Gene tries to stop the radium bomb the Queen has sent to kill the riders on the surface. CHAP. 7 FROM DEATH TO LIFE: Declared dead the Queen sends Gene to the revival chamber so she can learn the name of the traitor that previously released him. CHAP. 8 JAWS OF JEOPARDy: Reaching the surface Gene takes Beetson's airplane but the Queen sends a ray that kills the engine and the plane crashes. CHAP. 9: PRISONERS OF THE RAy: Frankie and Betsy are taken to Murania. Escaping their captors they throw the switch that will enable Gene to find the secret surface entrance only to be apparently electrocuted. CHAP. 10 REBELLION: Gene tells the Queen that Argo is the traitor and learning of this, Argo starts the revolution. CHAP. 11 QUEEN IN CHAINS: Argo takes over control Murania and sentences the Queen to death. CHAP. 12 END OF MURANIA: Gene saves the Queen and locks Argo and his men in the room with the death ray which gets out of control. With the end of Murania imminent the Queen refuses to leave. Gene and the others reach the surface where Gene must still face the murder charge.

Movie Tagline:
A Nation 20,000 Feet Underground

Title: Phantom Empire, The
Release Date: February 23, 1935
Runtime: 245 mins
Genre: Musical
All Genres: Musical, Sci-Fi, Western, Family
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.4
Buried.com Rating: 7.3 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With P

MPAA Rating: Passed

Otto Brower
B. Reeves Eason

Gene Autry ...Gene Autry
Frankie Darro ...Frankie Baxter
Betsy King Ross ...Betsy Baxter
Dorothy Christy ...Queen Tika
Wheeler Oakman ...Lord Argo
Charles K. French ...Mal
Warner Richmond ...Rab
J. Frank Glendon ...Professor Beetson (as Frank Glendon)
Smiley Burnette ...Oscar (as Lester 'Smiley' Burnett)
Peter Potter ...Pete (as William Moore)
Edward Peil Sr. ...Cooper (as Edward Piel, Sr.)
Jack Carlyle ...Saunders
Chuck Baldra ...Deputy
Harry Blaeholder ...Fiddle Player, Radio Ranch Band
Stanley Blystone ...Gaspar (television operator)
Don Brodie ...Radio Technician
Bob Burns ...Muranian citizen
Fred Burns ...Muranian priest
Bob Card ...Deputy [Ch. 3]
Lane Chandler ...Muranian guard [Ch. 6]
Jim Corey ...Muranian
Ray Corrigan ...Thunder Rider
Jad Dees ...Guitar Player, Radio Ranch Band
Frank Ellis ...Guard leader [Ch. 8]
Henry Hall ...High Priest
Aleth Hansen ...Mandolin Player, Radio Ranch Band
The Beverly Hillbillies ...Radio Ranch Band
Jack Jones ...Musician / Deputy [Ch. 3]
Tracy Layne ...Muranian
Duke R. Lee ...Tom Baxter [Ch. 1-2]

» [more cast members]

Nat Levine

Wallace MacDonald
Gerald Geraghty
Hy Freedman
John Rathmell
Armand Schaefer
Maurice Geraghty

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Uncle Noah's Ark"

More Movie Taglines:
  • A Nation 20,000 Feet Underground
Movie Quote(s):
  • Queen Tika: Gene Autry! How do you like our world? Gene Autry: I think the dampness and dead air of your land is more suited for rats and moles.
Movie Trivia:
  • Robots built originally for Dancing Lady (1933) in dance sequence cut from finished film. Photos of the scene survive.
  • The main role was meant for Ken Maynard, but he dropped out.
  • Screenwriter Wallace MacDonald said in an interview that he dreamed up the film, complete with character names, plot ideas, costumes, etc., after he was sedated by nitrous oxide while undergoing dental work. When he awoke he went directly home, put everything down on paper, and brought it to producer Nat Levine at Mascot Pictures, who loved the idea and approved the production.
  • Chapter Titles: - 1. The Singing Cowboy - 2. The Thunder Riders - 3. The Lightning Chamber - 4. Phantom Broadcast - 5. Beneath the Earth - 6. Disaster From the Skies - 7. From Death to Life - 8. Jaws of Jeopardy - 9. Prisoners of the Ray - 10.The Rebellion - 11.A Queen in Chains - 12.The End of Murania
  • There is an alternate, rarely seen, version of this film in which Gene Autry is absent from the last part of the film. The plot reaches the same conclusion. Reportedly, Autry was not available at first, due to other commitments. The scenes in question were later re-shot when he was available.
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Ranch, Radium, Death Ray, Contract, Radio Show  ...[more]

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