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The Valley Of Gwangi (1969)
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The Valley Of Gwangi (1969) In circa-1900 Mexico, T.J. Breckenridge, a beautiful cowgirl, hosts a wild west show that is struggling. Former boyfriend Tuck Kirby, working for Buffalo Bill's wild west show, wants to buy out T.J., but T.J. has an ace she hopes will boost attendence at her show - a tiny horse. The tiny horse, however, comes from The Forbidden Valley and a convoy of gypsies demands the tiny horse be returned to the valley; the horse's genesis is also known to a British paleontologist, Sir Horace Bromley, working in the nearby desert. T.J., her men, and Tuck eventually find The Forbidden Valley with Bromley, and encounter a litany of living dinosaurs. One, a belligerent Allosaurus, is known as Gwangi by the gypsies, and a running pursuit sidetracks into a bloody battle with a styracosaur and eventually to terror in the outside town.

Movie Tagline:
Cowboys Battle Monsters in the Lost World of Forbidden Valley.

Title: Valley Of Gwangi, The
Release Date: September 03, 1969
Runtime: 96 mins
Genre: Western
All Genres: Western, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.0
Buried.com Rating: 7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With V

MPAA Rating: G

Jim O'Connolly

James Franciscus ...Tuck Kirby
Gila Golan ...T.J. Breckenridge
Richard Carlson ...Champ Connors
Laurence Naismith ...Prof. Horace Bromley
Freda Jackson ...Tia Zorina
Gustavo Rojo ...Carlos dos Orsos
Dennis Kilbane ...Rowdy
Mario De Barros ...Bean
Curtis Arden ...Lope
Jose Burgos ...The Dwarf

Ray Harryhausen
Charles H. Schneer

William Bast
Julian More
Willis H. O'Brien

Jerome Moross

The Valley Of Gwangi Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • Cowboys Battle Monsters in the Lost World of Forbidden Valley.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Tia Zorina: He who takes from Gwangi the evil one is cursed. Carlos: Only by an old woman's tongue. Tia Zorina: I tell you, if he does not go back to the forbidden vally we shall all suffer a terrible fate. My eyes are blind but I can still see the signs. Carlos: Keep your superstitions to yourself, old woman. Tia Zorina: Fool! One day he will learn to obey the law of Gwangi, or like his brother he will perish!
  • Professor Bromley: Eohippus, if you are one, what are you doing here over 50 million years after you should be extinct. Could be a freak of nature, of course. Tuck: Is there any way you can tell? Professor Bromley: By checking its origin. If I could prove that this is the genuine article I should undoubtedly receive a knighthood, Mr Kirby, for the greatest scientific discover of the age. Tuck: The greatest scientific discovery of the age? T.J. doesn't know what she's got herself.
  • Professor Bromley: I'm prepared to pay a guide handsomely. Tia Zorina: To lead to you the forbidden valley? No, not for all the gold in the world. Tuck: What's this forbidden valley? Tia Zorina: From there came the little horse and until he is returned a great evil will fall upon us. Professor Bromley: Rubbish! Tia Zorina: I tell you, unless the little horse is returned we shall all suffer the curse of hell. Professor Bromley: Superstitious clap-trap! There's nothing hocus-pocus about that little horse. Don't you realise, we've discovered a living specimen of the Eohippus. Tuck: What, you mean that thing really is an Eohippus? Professor Bromley: Of course!...well, naturally we'd have to prove it by scientific research.
  • Professor Bromley: Don't you see...we must follow the gypsy trail to the forbidden valley because where there is one Eohippus there must be others. At least two, the sire and the mare, possibly more. Just think what you and Miss Breckenridge could do with a dozen Eohippi?
  • Professor Bromley: This circle of mountains, jagged peaks, steep cliffs, could be the perfect barrier against man and the elements. Tuck: No wonder they call it the forbidden valley. Professor Bromley: Yes, it might be the answer to many things. We shall soon see, Mr Kirby.
Movie Trivia:
  • The roping of Gwangi was achieved by having the actors hold on to ropes tied to a "Monster stick" that was in the back of a Jeep. The jeep and stick when filmed with Gwangi are on a back rear projection plate and hidden by his body and the portions of rope attached to his body are painted wires that are matched with the real ropes.
  • Gwangi is a native American word that means lizard.
  • Gustavo Rojo is dubbed by Robert Rietty
  • When this film was first conceived it was supposed to have been a follow-up to King Kong (1933), but was never made. However, an early B&W version of the "cowboys in Africa" footage was shot, and wound up being used in Mighty Joe Young (1949).
  • Due to a mishearing of the word "fuck" by the BBFC the 1995 video release was wrongly given a '12' certificate. This was corrected for the 2003 DVD and the rating changed to a 'U' certificate.
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Horse, Wild West Show, Dinosaur, Cowboy, Paleontologist  ...[more]

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