Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of Buried.com
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of Buried.com
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of Buried.com
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of Buried.com
Horror movies, horror movie reviews, interviews, fiction reviews and more... Horror of Buried.com
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» Tuesday August 04, 2009 - 08:59 pm

Sphere Of The Lycanthrope Wins Horror Film Award

Sphere of the Lycanthrope Wins the Action on Film International Film Festival Award for Best Horror Film 2009. A film 18 years in the making, Sphere of the Lycanthrope, stunned the competition and captured the coveted Best Horror Film award at the 2009 Action on Film Festival.

Sphere Of The Lycanthrope Wins Horror Film Award The festival, now in its fifth year, was held at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena. Other winners included films Acts of Violence, Liminal, Outrage and Victory Day. Winning performers included actors Ron Perlman, Kim Coats and Raymond J Barry. Film legends James Lew and W. Morgan Shepard were also among the award winners.

Described by its producers as a Thrillomody, The Sphere of the Lycanthrope was also nominated for two other AOF awards: Best Special Effects, and Best Costume Design.

In the Best Horror Film category, Sphere of the Lycanthrope defeated films, Its My Party and Ill Die if I Want To, Text Sawblade and Dark Spirits.

Perhaps the most stunning fact about this award winning film is that despite being an 18-year project, it cost the films producers less than $15,000 to make. The filmmakers are currently seeking investors for the sequel, THE SPHERE of ANTONDIOQUAZGAA.

To learn more or contact the producers go to the website

Sphere of the Lycanthrope
John Hammond -David Stay - ("Photon", "Dahmer –vs- Gacy", "Tres Caminos") is a high school professor transferred to another school for delving into some dark practices. Upon arriving at Meckalecha High, he finds it is terrorized by a nasty gang of thugs led by Calvin Cooks - (Aronne Baietti), best know as the Devil. After his back is against the wall and he realizes no one will take a stand against them, John Hammond the mild mannered professor swallows the Sphere, transforms into a ravishing beast and takes on the punks in a bloody rampage. If you dig cult "wha wha wha what!" classics, you will love this. "The Sphere of the Lycanthrope" is a movie lost for 18 years. Cursed mind you, and now the curse has been lifted.

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