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Alex Michaud
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: When did you first come up with the idea for GOREGOYLES?

ALEX: All that started 2 years ago when Augie Arredondo sent me a tape filled with a bunch of his short movies. I really liked what I saw and, since we had very similar styles, we decided to go and try to make a movie together. Because of the distance between us (he lives in California, I live in Montreal... ), we decided that a split movie would be the way to go. That's when Kevin Lindenmuth got involved. I approached Kevin with the idea of doing a new CREATUREALMS movie with Augie. That didn't work out but Kevin suggested me to come up with a concept for a brand new series...

At that time, everybody was asking when I would get back to gore-cinema. People who liked URBAN FLESH were a bit disappointed that I decided to follow it with a sci-fi movie (TIME ENOUGH) and then a drama (BITES: WEREWOLF CHRONICLES). People wanted to see blood and guts so I decided to listen to them. That's how I came up with GOREGOYLES. The idea was to put two 45 minutes gore movies together and create a high quality split-movie by young independent directors from all over the world. I was set to direct the first one with Augie and thus doing what we wanted to do from the start; share a movie together. Of course, things got weird and that didn't work out. I run terribly late for my segment and I decided to put Kevin Lindenmuth's movie BERSERKERS (originally planned for GOREGOYLES #2) instead of my segment. So... I never got to share a movie with AUGIE after all...

Q: What do you want to accomplish with GOREGOYLES? Why do you think it's a good movie for horror fans?

ALEX: Horror fans were asking for something different from what they get from big studios. They wanted something defiant and offensive. Something dirtier than the usual. That's what we were aiming at with GOREGOYLES. Of course, all the filmmakers have total creative freedom so the final result is a little different and everybody is happy.

Q: As Executive Producer, how did you decide which filmmakers would be involved with the project?

ALEX: I usually choose people that I can rely on. I have to pick directors/producers that will complete the movie and deliver a high quality product on time. That's why I chose Kevin and Augie. Kevin has a lot of experience in indy filmmaking and I had a very good relationship with Augie. Enough to trust that he would make it.

Q: Talk about the two movies, HOLY TERROR and BERSERKERS.

ALEX: THE HOLY TERROR is a crazy tale of a man turning into a demon. One day, the guy realizes that a powerful demon lives inside him and that he is the center of a war between the Catholic Church and a group of Satanists. That movie is wild and feels a bit like a dirty kung-fu movie mixed with and old fashioned horror movie. Very unbelievable.

BERSERKERS is a lighter movie set in a future where the planet is filled with zombies. A group of young people wander out of the domed-city and reach a group of survivors living in the forest. They soon realize that something is wrong and that they are doomed to become food for a weird Viking God.

This is a fun movie with a good number of zombies and some good gut-munching. There is also a lot of action and some kick-ass music.

Q: How necessary do you think it was to have a "host" introduce the movies?

ALEX: The host character is important to set the mood in which the audience should watch the movie. It gives the tone to the movie. For GOREGOYLES, we opted for a light intro where the host is having fun and does silly stuff. He also gives some information about the movie the audience is about to watch and prepare them...

It's strongly inspired from what Elvira and all those other horror-night TV host were doing in the 70s and 80's. We just updated the concept a bit. We took Elvira into the new millennium by replacing her with a dope-head who spends his life looking for the most obscure horror films...

Let's not forget that the host is only there to present the movies. The meat of GOREGOYLES are the two movies presented.

Q: Who will be involved with future GOREGOYLES movies?

ALEX: The second GOREGOYLES movie will be 100% Canadian. I will direct the first half and Miles Finalyson from Ottawa will make the second. It should be a gorier movie. It's called BACK TO THE FLESH because it's a personal return to hardcore gore for me...

GOREGOYLES is an ongoing movie series scheduled to release one movie a year. The first movie is set for release at videostores October 7th, 2003.

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